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Washington Nationals to wear Montreal Expos uniforms on July 6th vs Kansas City Royals...

Washington’s Nationals will wear Montreal Expos uniforms for their July 6th matchup with the Kansas City Royals.

Dave Martinez
Recognize this former Expos’ outfielder?

Who’s ready for some poutine and the Washington Nationals donning the eMb? C’est vrai.

For one night on July 6th in the nation’s capital, the Nats will become the Expos and wear the powder blue uniforms of the Montreal team that became D.C.’s third baseball major league club in 2005.

Washington Post writer Scott Allen was the first (we saw) with the news that the Nationals will wear throwback Expos uniforms for their matchup with the Kansas City Royals for the second game of the three-game weekend set in Nationals Park.

D.C. fans who want no part of the franchise’s Montreal roots are sure to be non-plussed, but the remaining Expos fans who followed the team to Washington will get to see the bleu, blanc, et rouge and the chapeau moulinet (pinwheel cap) on a major league field once again when the Nationals become the Expos for a day.

According to the WaPost report, the atmosphere and concessions in Nationals Park will also have a 1969 feel (Montreal’s inaugural season in MLB) with scoreboard graphics and musical selections taking everyone back to the first season for the Expos, who called Parc Jarry their home from ‘69-’72.

While the food won’t return to 1969 prices, there will be some throwback menu items:

The Nationals will also offer several specialty food items for the occasion. Poutine will be available at Grand Slam Grill (Sections 110 and 141), Triple Play Grill (Section 318) and Anacostia Station (Section 218). Steak of the Union (Sections 117 and 133) will serve Montreal smoked beef brisket sandwiches with mustard on a rye roll. Mais non, the concession prices will not revert to those of Montreal’s Jarry Park in 1969.

There will also, apparently, be some sort of recognition for Expos that are still around in the organization (Hey, FP!) and Vladimir Guerrero will be in attendance for the game.

Are you excited to see the powder bleu uniforms? Would you rather see another Senators throwback night instead? Do you not care at all about the unis and just want the Nationals to win?

Check out the WaPost story on the return of the eMb in D.C. through the link below: