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Confidence in direction growing as Washington Nationals keep winning...

How confident are Nationals fans in the direction of the team after they’d won 23 of their last 33 heading into last night’s game?

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With the Washington Nationals winners of five of six on the recently-completed road trip as they started a three-game set with the Miami Marlins last night, and winners of 10 of 13 and 23 of their last 33, it’s probably not too surprising that even though they came back to D.C. a game over .500 at 42-41, confidence in the overall direction of the team was still growing, up to 56% from 52% and 53% in the previous two weeks.

[ed. note - Just for fun, how was confidence in the overall direction in the team among fans of the Miami Marlins?”]

Back to the Nationals:

Was there a corresponding rise in Davey Martinez’s managerial approval rating? Actually it dropped a statistically insignificant 1% from 51% last week to 50% this time around, though that’s actually up from 11% in Week 9 of the SB Nation’s FanPulse voting (we’re in Week 15 right now).

National Baseball ?:

Do all teams deserve to have a player at the All-Star Game?

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