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Washington Nationals’ Davey Martinez experienced chest pains; underwent cardiac catheterization procedure...

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Get well soon, Davey Martinez.

Milwaukee Brewers v Washington Nationals Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Before the start of tonight’s series opener in St. Louis, the Washington Nationals released an update on the status of second-year manager Davey Martinez, who left the Nats’ dugout in the middle innings of Sunday afternoon’s series finale with the Atlanta Braves in the nation’s capital.

Bench Coach Chip Hale, who filled in as the skipper with Martinez gone, explained after the Nationals’ 7-0 win over their NL East rivals that the manager had been taken to a hospital to get checked out though he didn’t offer any details at the time.

“He wasn’t feeling good, so just for precautionary reasons they took him to the hospital just to see what’s going on,” Hale explained, “but we’re expecting everything will be good.”

On Monday afternoon, the Nationals provided some more details:

“Dave Martinez stayed in Washington, D.C. for precautionary medical testing. Bench Coach Chip Hale will manage the team tonight in St. Louis.”

Nationals’ GM Mike Rizzo finally provided information on what was ailing Martinez when he spoke with reporters before the game, explaining that the manager felt chest pains during the game on Sunday, and underwent a procedure called a cardiac catheterization earlier on Monday.

“We had him go visit the hospital, so when he visited the hospital he had a little procedure, minor procedure done to him yesterday, it was called a cardiac catheterization,” Rizzo said.

“Went through that this morning very well. I spoke to him just a couple hours ago and he was upbeat and felt fine, and he’s going to be kept over there for just some routine follow-up blood work and examination and he’ll be back with the team when he feels up to it. We have no other information medically yet, until we get all the test results back.”

Echoing what Hale said previously about the issue cropping up and then getting worse for Martinez throughout the game, Rizzo said he spoke to his manager early Sunday afternoon and he was fine at that point.

“I spoke to him right before the game, and he looked fine,” Rizzo told reporters, as quoted by MASN’s Mark Zuckerman.

“And speaking to him today, it really reassured me that he’s doing great.

“He’s a tough, strong guy, and I think that looking at what transpired today, we’re happy and optimistic and hoping that he’ll be able to make a full recovery.”

As the Nationals noted in their press statement, Hale took over the managerial duties for the first of three with the Cardinals, though he said before the game that things wouldn’t be all that different with him at the helm.

“The way Davey has been running the game is pretty much how I’ve run games before,” Hale said, “and the situations will dictate how we make moves whether it’s pitchers vs hitters, or hitters versus their pitchers. So we’ll just do the best we can.

“I’ll use my whole staff, we’re going to bring [First Base coach Tim Bogar] in to be the bench coach tonight, and then [Assistant Hitting Coach] Joe Dillon will coach first.”

Did Hale hear from Martinez after the Nationals’ 4-2 loss in the opener with the Cardinals?

“I haven’t heard yet,” Hale said. “I’m sure he’ll give us a call after the game if he’s up, I know he’s been through a battery of tests, so hopefully he’s feeling good.”