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Washington Nationals’ lineup for the series opener with the New York Mets

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Washington and New York start a three-game set in Nationals Park at 1:05 PM EDT this afternoon...

Miami Marlins v Washington Nationals Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images

Anthony Rendon and Juan Soto combined to go 5 for 7 with four runs scored and five RBIs in the Washington Nationals’ 9-3 win over the Miami Marlins on Sunday afternoon. Rendon went 2 for 3 with a walk and a home run (his 32nd). Soto was 3 for 4 with two doubles and one home run (his 31st).

Together they went 14 for 23 in the series, causing all kinds of trouble for the Marlins. It’s hard to find a better pair of middle of the order hitters right now in their manager’s mind.

“Right now they’re one the best,” Davey Martinez told reporters in the nation’s capital.

“It’s funny, because they’re punch for punch now in the home runs, and every time one of them hits a home run the other guy tries to match him, so it’s kind of fun, but [above] anything else, when you talk to them, they just want to win, that’s the bottom line, they want to win.”

The Nationals are heading into a big week, which starts with three against the New York Mets in D.C., and continues with four against the NL East-leading Atlanta Braves in SunTrust Park, but as Rendon said after Sunday’s win, they have to stay focused and continue doing all of the things that have been working for them.

“I think we’ve got to try and stay even-keeled,” Rendon said, as quoted by MASN’s Mark Zuckerman.

“I think if we get excited for it ... then the moment might get to us,” he added.

“Then if we downplay it, we might get taken advantage of. I think we just take it as every other game but understand that we’re still trying to win it. Not necessarily do or die, but understand that we’re still trying to score more runs than the other team.”

Going into the three-game set with the Mets, the Nationals have now won nine of ten, 11 of 13, 16 of 19, and 19 of their last 24.

Martinez was asked if he felt good about going up against New York now?

“I feel pretty good about anybody, really,” he said. “I mean I don’t focus on any other team but the Nationals, we just have to come out and play good baseball. They’re going to be a tough opponent, we know that, but just keep playing the way we’re playing and things will work out.”