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Confidence in direction of the Washington Nationals holds steady down the stretch + Bench-clearing brawls?

Are you confident in the overall direction of the Nationals? And are bench-clearing brawls ever okay? Those are the questions that voting members of SB Nation’s FanPulse community were asked this week.

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Fangraphs gives the Washington Nationals a 97.7% chance of making it back to postseason action, while the number crunchers at currently give them a 95% shot of making it to the postseason this year (with a 6% chance of winning it all), though as Nats’ manager Davey Martinez said after the series finale with the New York Mets on Wednesday, they just want to get there, because, “... once you get in, anything can happen.”

“You’re playing one game at a time,” Martinez told reporters, “... you’re focused on winning one game at a time. Eleven wins gets you that nice trophy, but right now we’re focusing on playing one game at a time, and once we get in, we’ll go from there.”

Nationals fans who voted in this week’s FanPulse poll held steady for a second consecutive week at 88% on the overall confidence question, while confidence in the Nats’ skipper held at 66% as well, though it might drop some next week after the club dropped 2 of 3 to New York in D.C. before heading down to Atlanta where they started a four-game set with the NL East-leading Braves with another loss.

Martinez’s club started the series in SunTrust Park 7.0 games back in the division with seven to play against the Braves this season, and a tough schedule ahead in the rest of the month of September, and fell to 8.0 back after the opener...

Bench-clearing brawls?: The national baseball question this week has to do with on-field brawls, asking voters if bench-clearing brawls are ever okay?

Apparently the baseball pacifists prevailed in this one, though we’d personally like to give a special mention here to Amir Garrett for taking on the whole Pirates bench himself late last month, before his teammates joined in the brawl:

Where are you on these questions? If you didn’t participate in the FanPulse survey the first three weeks, you can still sign up above or HERE.