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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals’ free agent targets; Michael A. Taylor elects for free agency + more Nats links...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news while you wait to see who the new pitching coach is going to be...

New York Yankees v. Washington Nationals Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Michael A. Taylor was one of the more likable players on the Washington Nationals’ roster in his time in the nation’s capital, which likely came to an end on Thursday, when the 29-year-old outfielder cleared waivers and opted for free agency. Taylor, a 2009 6th Round pick out of high school in Florida made significant contributions to the organization in his seven big league seasons, including during the 2019 run to the World Series.

We searched around in the archives last night to find a quick anecdote to share here that would let you know about what he was like as a person behind the scenes. We found this from a July 18, 2020 interview on Zoom...

Reporter [paraphrasing]: How did you spend the time off between Spring Training 1.0 and 2.0?

Taylor: “Before camp started I did a lot of woodworking at home, I really enjoy that, it’s probably my favorite hobby. We got a puppy in October, so I’ve been spending a lot of time with him, and he was loving having both of us at home all day and being able to play and swim, so just hanging out at home and trying to make the best of it.”


Reporter [paraphrasing]: Woodwork? What did you make?

Taylor: “Mainly small furniture pieces. I made a desk while I was at home and a couple lounge chairs, outside, chaise.”


Reporter [paraphrasing]: But woodworking? Really? Tell us more...

Taylor: “I probably started with a friend of mine who is a carpenter. He came over one day and helped me build a banquette in our dining room, and I just really enjoyed it. Even though he did the majority of the work, and I was just kind of like an assistant. I just really enjoyed the process and then having like a finished piece that you built yourself, I didn’t build, but from there he kind of just helped me out with a couple tools that I would need to get started and just started tinkering around. Been doing it for 5-6 years now.”

Go read your links...


Michael A. Taylor elects free agency, ending run with Nationals - (WaPost)
“Now that he’s a free agent, leaving the Washington Nationals after 11 years with the organization, Michael A. Taylor becomes a ‘choose-what-to-remember’ kind of player.”

Taylor's time with Nats ends after outfielder clears waivers - (MASN)
"The outfielder’s time with the Nats, though, finally ran out today when the club announced he cleared outright waivers and elected to become a free agent."

Nationals outfielder Michael A. Taylor becomes free agent - (NBC Sports Washington)
“Now, Taylor is onto the open market. He cleared outright waivers and has elected free agency. His time in Washington is done.”

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"Signing a top position player free agent has not been the Nationals' way in recent years, at least not since they gave Jayson Werth a seven-year deal back in 2010."

After disappointing year, Voth right back where he started - (MASN)
"Under different circumstances, the Nats would’ve replaced Voth somewhere along the way. One month into the season, it was clear the right-hander didn’t deserve the spot."

Nationals GM for a day: Finding a path back to contention - (NBC Sports Washington)
"Here, the author will be playing general manager for a day, a concept sure to make any general manager, particularly the local one, chuckle."


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"Due in large part to the absence of Stephen Strasburg, their pitching was awful."

Here are every team's free agents this winter - (
"The Nats kept their team largely intact from its 2019 championship run, but the club failed to repeat in a turbulent '20 season -- and the roster could have a very look next season."


JoJo Romero's attack mentality could play well as Phillies seek to improve bullpen in 2021 - (NBC Sports Washington)
"After working as a starter for three-plus seasons in the Phillies' minor-league system, Romero began a conversion to the bullpen in the Arizona Fall League last year."

Chance exists that Sandy Alderson acts as Mets GM in 2021 - (amNewYork)
"There is a chance that the 2021 season might feel a bit like years past for the New York Mets in that Sandy Alderson could be essentially running the team as the unofficial general manager..."

Inbox: Marlins' 2021 options behind the plate - (
"In my opinion, catching is the biggest question for the organization to address this offseason."

Atlanta Braves Sputter in Market Amid March Toward World Series - (Bloomberg)
"The Atlanta Braves are on a big winning streak. But the company that owns the team isn’t faring as well in the stock market as the baseball club is on the field."