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Washington Nationals News: Go vote

We’ll return to our regularly scheduled content tomorrow. Today, go vote. Please.

Early In-Person Voting Begins In Washington, DC Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

Washington’s Nationals announced this past August that Nationals Park would be used as an election site for early voting and Election Day.

“Nationals Park is a civic asset and the Nationals will always work to ensure that it can be utilized in service to the community in as many ways as possible,” Mark D. Lerner, Managing Principal Owner of the club said in a press release. “Since this past spring, we have hosted World Central Kitchen to help feed members of the DMV community who were in need. This fall, we can help make sure one of our most important civic responsibilities can be completed as seamlessly and safely as possible. We are thrilled to help alleviate some of the challenges associated with voting during a pandemic and support the Board of Elections by opening Nationals Park as an election site.”

The ballpark opened for early voting last week, and it’s one of the SUPER VOTE CENTERS! to visit and vote at today, if you for some reason didn’t mail in your ballot or drop it off in a box before now.

Nationals’ skipper Davey Martinez talked after the announcement this summer about being excited for the opportunity to vote in the team’s home.

“I think it’s awesome. Obviously Nationals Park is part of the community, so why not. I mean, I think it’s great for our fans, great for everybody,” Martinez said.

“Honestly, I’m going to vote. I’ll probably come here and vote. Come out and vote. And it’s good. I mean, I can’t wait.

“Fans haven’t been here all year, so they get a chance to come to the ballpark. So that’s good.”

Without telling anyone which candidates to vote for, we’re encouraging everyone who can to go out and vote instead of reading Nationals news today, so this is all we’ll be posting...

We’ll return tomorrow with your regularly scheduled content...