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No 2020 Washington Nationals’ Opening Day today, but plenty of 2019 nostalgia from Breaking T still available...

Buy yourself or a friend a t-shirt to help deal with the fact that there is no baseball today...

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Way back in 2018, Davey Martinez, who would go on to some level of notoriety as the manager whose “1-0 Every Day” approach helped the Nationals #STAYINTHEFIGHT and win a World Series title for Washington, D.C. in 2019, tried out his first attempt at a motivational tool, telling reporters he wanted his club to develop good HABIT(s).

“For me,” Martinez said, “from what I’ve learned from [the players], and we talked about this often in Spring Training, I came up with one word that best describes our team, and it was ‘Habit,’ and what it means is ‘Heart, attitude, belief, integrity, trust,’ and that’s what I believe in this team.”

Yeah, not the best motivational tool, but he learned his lesson, and got better, and I learned a lesson too, don’t joke on Twitter about t-shirt ideas with the Breaking T crew, cause they just might do it.

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