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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals’ special collection of guys; Ryan Zimmerman talks restaurant + more Nats links...

Catch up on the weekend that was in Nationals news before you do whatever you’re doing with no baseball...

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World Series - Washington Nationals v Houston Astros - Game Seven Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

What is GM Mike Rizzo doing to keep busy with baseball shut down? Watching replays of old Nationals games and sports movies like the rest of us, apparently. Rizzo talked about what he’s doing while everyone waits to see if there is baseball this summer on Friday in what was his third conference call with reporters since MLB made the decision to put the baseball world on hold while the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic plays out.

So what are Rizzo’s favorite sports movies.

“There’s a lot of great sports movies I like,” the GM said. “I’m a big Rocky fan. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time. I watched Rocky. Major League is a great one. Miracle on Ice always gives me chills when I watch that movie. I’m pretty much a sap for those emotional movies, and I love them and I watch them any time I can.

“I’m like everybody else,” Rizzo added, “trying to figure out in this down time [how] to keep my mind occupied and kind of try to improve myself while you have this down time, and it’s been challenging to keep your mind occupied and exercised.”

We collect links to pass the time. Go read your links...


Ryan Zimmerman on 2019 Nationals: 'A special collection of guys' - (NBC Sports Washington)
"The 2019 Washington Nationals had that perfect mix, something first baseman Ryan Zimmerman believes was instrumental during the team's journey to winning the World Series."

Nats prospect watch: Reetz showed off power in second half - (MASN)
"A big second half was important to catcher Jakson Reetz’s potential move up in the Nationals organization."

Curly W Live: From The Booth - (Curly W Live)
"The From the Booth podcast series features the voices of Nationals radio, Charlie Slowes and Dave Jageler, bringing listeners their takes on some of the greatest games in Nationals history."

How Ryan Zimmerman is supporting his restaurant's workers during COVID-19 - (NBC Sports Washington)
"Zimmerman's restaurant The Salt Line, which is an Oyster bar on Potomac Avenue, is one of the many companies that's had to take drastic measures during this economic downturn."

Nats prospect watch: Barrera's plate discipline one key to success - (MASN)
"The coaching staff focused on tightening up Barrera’s swing last year. They also look to increase Barrera’s rotation and flexibility in his hips to get the most out of his at-bats."


Giving The Sixth Man Of The Year Award To Howie Kendrick - (MLB Trade Rumors)
"Strictly by definition, Kendrick wasn’t even an 'everyday player' for the Nationals last season."

Revisiting The Nats' "Steal" Of A Deal - (MLB Trade Rumors)
"Dave Cameron of Fangraphs said the Nats had paid 'a shockingly low price, considering that [Doug] Fister is one of the game’s most underrated pitchers.'"

Rosenthal: Dusty Baker on the Astros, last chances and importance of perspective – (The Athletic)
"Baker previously managed four other clubs — the San Francisco Giants, Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds and Washington Nationals. But as he told The Athletic in August 2017, only once had he taken over a contender."

Every team's most impactful postseason play - (
"As we wrote at the time last fall, Kendrick's go-ahead two-run shot off the right field foul pole was merely one of the 10 most important hits in the history of baseball."


A redesigned MLB logo with this Philly twist brings back all the 2008 feels - (NBC Sports Philadelphia)
"We decided to put our own spin on the logo, to personalize it just for the city of Philadelphia. Here’s what we came up with..."

Pete Alonso finds silver lining in celebrating Easter without baseball - (New York Daily News)
"Leave it to Pete Alonso to find the silver lining on a baseball-less Easter Sunday."

A Q&A with Miami Marlins’ Ryne Stanek during coronavirus - (Miami Herald)
"Pitcher Ryne Stanek is representing the Miami Marlins in the MLB The Show Players League going on while MLB is on hold during the coronavirus pandemic."