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How should MLB handle a shortened season if they do play baseball this year? Arizona only? Spring Training home realignment?

This week’s FanPulse results are in, and people shockingly have opinions on things that they voted on...

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Asked this week if they supported the idea of playing out an entire “season” in Arizona with the players quarantined, as a rumored plan under consideration by Major League Baseball (MLB) proposed, the SB Nation’s FanPulse voters came out strongly against that option, at 60% No to 40% Yes. Player reactions, including Ryan Zimmerman and Mike Trout’s, pointed out some obvious issues with such that idea, and MLB has since said they’re considering any number of plans as they try to figure out how to play baseball amidst a pandemic.

What about the plan USA Today’s Bob Nightengale discussed, which would be based on the Spring Training homes of each major league club? In this rumored proposal, the big leagues would be realigned for one season so that they could play in both Florida and Arizona as everyone deals with the continued spread of COVID-19/coronavirus.

FanPulse voters were slightly more accepting of this idea (45% Yes; 55% No). So, they’re not liking any of the radical plans to get some sort of season in apparently.

If they don’t end up playing this year, should the players, who didn’t play, in this scenario, through any fault of their own, get credited with a full year of service time?

Nope, not having it. At least 58% of voters who responded. Should teams get compensation for a one-year contract without any games played? [ed. note - “I’m not sure I understand the question.”]:

But if they do play some sort of season, where should Spring Training be held since they’ll need to ramp back up? At each of the club’s Spring Training facilities? In their regular season cities? Just in Arizona? 59% of voters said they should hold Spring Training in their respective Spring homes, with 23% in favor of holding some sort of ramp up in the club’s home cities, and 18% want them just to do it all in Arizona...

Did you vote this week? Do you have any thoughts on how MLB and the players should handle it all? Have your thoughts changed as you’ve learned more in the past weeks?

Where are you on these questions? If you didn’t participate in the FanPulse survey this week, you can still sign up above or HERE.