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How are some Washington Nationals dealing with being home all day right now due to the coronavirus pandemic?

Checking in on Ryan Zimmerman, Aníbal Sánchez, Trea Turner, and Howie Kendrick...

The Washington Nationals are in partnership with Chef José Andrés World Central Kitchen to utilize Nationals Park as a cooking/distribution site for thousands of free meals. The free meals will be distributed using World Central Kitchen and Nationals Phi Photo by Jonathan Newton/The Washington Post via Getty Images

“I think we, like everyone else, watched Tiger King... the debacle, the car accident of Tiger King that everyone wanted to not watch, but for some reason we all watched every single episode.”

[ed. note - “We, or I, have not watched that show. We, or I, did, however, just finish the latest seasons of Babylon Berlin, Bosch, and The Plot Against America.”]

That’s [ed. note - “‘That’s’ as in up there in the opening paragraph, before the obnoxious faux editor’s note. Uh, the first one. Anyway, where were we, ‘That’s...’”] Ryan Zimmerman, 35-year-old Washington Nationals’ first baseman, talking with the D.C. press corps on Monday morning on a Zoom call set up to share information on the latest initiative which he and his wife, Heather, launched only a week ago called Pros for Heroes, which has now [ed. note - “As of 8:03 PM EST on Tuesday.”] raised $318,252 from a total of 1.4K donors, which they hope can help, “ensure that health care professionals have the tools they need to stay safe, including supplies, reliable equipment, and healthy meals for themselves and their families every day.”

With the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic stressing budgets worldwide, the Zimmermans are trying to do what they can to help to raise money to provide meals and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to local healthcare professionals.

[ed. note - “You can donate HERE. Now back to the pressing matter of the Zimmermans’ TV viewing habits.”]

“We actually finished Downtown Abbey,” Ryan continued. “So, it took her forever to make me watch that show.

“We started watching it before all this, there’s obviously I think what seven or eight seasons, maybe?”

[ed. note - “There are six.”]

“So she tried to get me to watch it for years and I kept saying, ‘No,’ I kept saying, ‘No,’ and we finally started it, and it’s actually a great show.”

“And then we watched the movie,” Heather chimed in, referring to the Downtown Abbey movie, of course.

“We just started watching the third season of...” Ryan said searching for the name of a show.

“Maisel,” Heather said.

“Mrs. Maisel, which is a great show. So yeah, we’ve...”

“We have to stick to the non-violent things.”

“We also have huge plans every night to put the girls to bed every night at 8:00 or 8:30, and then watch a couple episodes of these shows, and we get halfway through the first episode and both of us are falling asleep. It’s hard to get through shows when you’re falling asleep at 9:30 every night.”

Zimmerman’s teammate, Aníbal Sánchez, talked in a SiriusXM MLB Network Radio this week about having a newfound respect for the job teachers do now that he’s homeschooling and is doing that job rather than tormenting major league hitters.

[ed. note - “Shockingly, both Sánchez and Zim have been designated the PE teachers in their respective households.”]

“Homeschool is crazy,” Sánchez, 36, told MLBNR hosts Steve Phillips and Eduardo Perez. “I thought it was easier than I thought, but it’s not. Right now it’s my respect to the teachers, to everybody that takes care of many kids at the same time. I don’t know how they do it. I don’t know how they handle it. But for parents, I think that’s the hard part of the quarantine right now. For me, I’m PE teacher, so I don’t deal with the old stuff.”

How is the 14-year veteran dealing with being at his house all day, every day?

“Right now I’m just trying to stay at home, something that I’ve been doing since they closed Spring Training,” Sánchez said.

“I don’t go out at all,” he added. “In the end I try to stay as safe as I can especially because I’ve got older [parents] that I need to take care of too. It’s better to stay home right now in the situation that [we’re in] right now.”

[ed. note - “Update: José Andrés, and his World Central Kitchen, handed out 8,000 meals from their temporary headquarters in Nationals Park on Monday.”]

[ed. note - “Meanwhile, Trea Turner is playing shirtless wiffleball in his backyard in Florida ... and doing a crotch-grab-less Soto Shuffle between pitches ... and Howie Kendrick and his kids are schooling Harold Reynolds, who gave himself a really quick hook in their backyard game.”]

Any other good Nationals-related content out there to help get us all through these baseball free days?