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Wire Taps: Washington Nationals’ manager Davey Martinez talks; Nats are the Braves’ biggest rivals + more...

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Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news while we wait for the next Zoom call to bring us new info...

Chef José Andrés Sets Up Community Kitchen At Nats Park During COVID-19 Pandemic Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Most of what you’ll read below comes from Davey Martinez’s Zoom call on Friday afternoon, and we’re of the opinion that it is fun to see what a bunch of different writers, from different outlets, make of the same content. Martinez talked at length about what he’s doing while he waits to see when the 2020 campaign will start. Check out what he had to say below...

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Martinez Stories:

Davey Martinez enjoying time at home, but pining for chance to get back to Nats Park - (MASN)
"During a Zoom video conference call Friday, Martinez said here have been no official talks yet on a contract extension."

Davey Martinez says ‘nothing’ new on his contract status - (NBC Sports Washington)
"Davey Martinez is contractually guaranteed to have a job into the fall. That’s it."

Nationals Manager Dave Martinez hasn’t given up hope baseball will be back this season - (WaPost)
"As the calendar turns to May and baseball remains on hold amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, Washington Nationals Manager Dave Martinez has been staying busy on his farm in Tennessee."

Dave Martinez discusses life on a farm, what spring training could entail when baseball returns - (Washington Times)
"But the Washington Nationals manager is happy with life on the farm, for now, with the caveat that he’d much rather look outside his window and see Nationals Park in his backyard instead."

When will baseball return? Nats' manager Davey Martinez is optimistic - (NBC Sports Washington)
"Davey Martinez starts his day with a 40-minute Peloton ride before heading out to the 350 acres of his farm in Tennessee."

350-acre farm keeping Nats' Martinez busy - (
"This change in scenery has provided Martinez with a new strength and conditioning program. Between his farm tasks and morning stationary bike rides, he estimates he burns 2,000 calories a day."

Nats skipper Martinez: Banner, rings to be revealed for fans - (Washington Times)
"No one knows for sure how, when and where — or, truly, even if — Major League Baseball will play games in 2020. Washington Nationals manager Dave Martinez feels certain of this much: His team will wait to properly mark its World Series championship with spectators in the seats."

Martinez trying to plan for various spring training scenarios - (MASN)
"Martinez, like everyone else, has no idea when this will happen, where it will happen or even if it will happen. But he chooses to remain optimistic about the possibilities..."

Others Nats Stories:

The gutsy start that forever changed Strasburg's narrative - (MASN)
"Those who have followed Strasburg throughout his whole career, though, know this transformation didn’t just happen last fall. It had been going on for a while."


Fantasy Insights - Nationals full of treasure - (
"For those wondering why Soto deserves inclusion among the top 10 overall players in fantasy, consider what he achieved in his age-20 season."

NL East notebook: The best eye at the plate - (
"Some young players would be eager to step up to the plate and swing away. At 21 years old, Soto keeps a close eye."

The Team of the 2010s: Reliever Aaron Barrett - (Mayflies & Big Flies)
"Media members are not supposed to cheer in the press box, but sometimes they root with all of their hearts. I can tell you that’s true because I did that night in his return to City Island."


Even the Phillie Phanatic is helping in the COVID-19 relief efforts - (NBC Sports Philadelphia)
"The Phanatic teamed up with Phillies manager Joe Girardi earlier in the week for a bedtime reading for fans who wanted to tune in via social media."

Michael Conforto's Mets production 'difficult to complain about' - (NY Post)
"Nobody can say with certainty what occurred on Aug. 24, 2017 changed Conforto’s career arc, but he still hasn’t approached his previous heights."

Marlins ticket policy details for fans seeking refunds, bonus credit - (Fish Stripes)
"The first 29 home games on the Marlins’ 2020 regular season schedule have been officially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, the team announced Thursday."

5 things: Braves' biggest rivals at this moment - (
"1. Washington Nationals - There isn’t much doubt here. Since 2012, the Braves and Nationals have won seven of the last eight NL East titles (NY, 2015)."