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Washington Nationals “Improbable” World Series movie premiere...

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If you’re going to be watching tonight’s World Series doc tonight and watching Pt. 2 and the ring unveiling tomorrow, why not watch it with your fellow FBBers?

MLB 2019 World Series Champion Washington Nationals Parade Photo by Toni L. Sandys/The Washington Post via Getty Images

Stephen Strasburg shared his thoughts on the official World Series documentary shortly after it was released this winter, telling reporters at WinterFest in January he thought he detected a slight bias in the production of the story of the 2019 Fall Classic.

“Clearly the documentary thought Houston was going to win,” the World Series MVP said, noting what he saw as an Astros bent to the coverage.

“Seeing it from that angle, it made it that much better just seeing how heartbroken they were, cause we’ve been there before too, so it’s good to return the favor.”

“It was pretty clear to me at least that they expected Houston to win,” he said of the Astro-bias he detected, at another point in the discussion.

“So, I think that just further fuels the flame, and ready to bring it all the way back next year.”

Strasburg and his teammates won’t have to win another World Series to get a Nationals-oriented take on what they accomplished last October though.

Premiering tonight at 7:00 PM on MASN and, (and concluding tomorrow night at 5:30 in advance of what will now be their virtual championship ring unveiling at 7:00 PM) is the Nationals’ take on their involvement in the 2019 World Series...

It’s a new “documentary” entitled, “Improbable: The 2019 Washington Nationals”, which the club produced.

It’s safe to bet this one won’t have a pro Astros-bias. Are you going to be watching?

Follow here with your fellow Nationals fans tonight and tomorrow if you are going to be tuning in...