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Washington Nationals fans Stay in the Fight against coronavirus with NATITUDE*...

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* = Yeah, sorry for that title, but seriously, Nationals fans, they won the freaking World Series with this motto, so, like, keep fighting coronavirus or something...

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Want to get a mask that shows you’re a fan of the defending World Series champs and helps in the fight against coronavirus? You have options, Washington Nationals fans, and you’ll be able to help out healthcare workers in the process. If you haven’t given all your donations to Ryan Zimmerman’s Pros for Heroes, or José Andrés’ World Central Kitchen, maybe consider showing your Natitude*!

[ed. note - “* = Again, sorry, for saying that. It’s like totally back in like a non-ironical, er, non-ironic way...”]

Our friends at Breaking T collab’d with Davey Martinez on some Stay in the Fight masks that all the cool kids are wearing:

Also, as noted right below here, like right down there below this, it helps a good cause if you buy these masks...

NOTE: BreakingT proceeds go to Direct Relief, honoring and caring for health workers on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

But you have options too, if that’s not your style:

NOTE: MLB and FOCO will support Feeding America and Food Banks Canada by donating all MLB proceeds from the sale of these licensed face coverings. The face coverings will ship by July 9.

Wear a mask, wash your hands. See you all at the park when we’re able to go back together.