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Wire Taps: Mike Trout on Washington Nationals’ starter Max Scherzer + 2020 Draft talk + more Nats links...

Catch up on the last 24 hours in Nationals news and enjoy your weekend...

Washington Nationals v Houston Astros Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Ryan Zimmerman’s got some thoughts on getting back to playing baseball, and he wants to get assurances on the health front before he’s comfortable returning to the field. While he’s been making headlines with his thoughts on the financial end of things, Zim’s teammate for the past few years, Max Scherzer, got a shout out from Mike Trout. It’s all down there below, so what are you waiting for? Go read your links...


Nats star Ryan Zimmerman's AP diary: Assure me we'll be safe - (AP)
"If we’re going to play a season, or a partial season, we’re the ones that are going out into the world in the middle of a pandemic, when basically the experts are saying not to have large gatherings."

Max Scherzer continues to try to steer the union on a united front - (NBC Sports Washington)
"Blake Snell and Trevor Bauer have been examples A and B of what the union does not want to do during tenuous negotiations with Major League Baseball."

Max Scherzer doesn’t speak up without a calculated purpose - (WaPost)
"The 35-year-old sent out a tweet at 11:09 p.m. Wednesday, saying in 81 words that the players simply will not accept additional salary reductions."

That time I won the Presidents Race at RFK Stadium - (MASN)
"It’s been a particularly tough week, with far too much negative news in both the baseball and larger world. So let’s try to end it on a lighter note, with a personal anecdote."

While we miss the games, athletes miss their other families: Their teammates - (WaPost)
"Among the problems across the world right now, athletes missing their teammates as they are scattered about because of the novel coronavirus pandemic ranks fairly low, if at all."

Nationals will have eye on pitchers again in draft - (MASN)
"With this season’s draft lasting only five rounds set to commence June 10, it is likely the Nats will go heavy with pitchers again, unless a gem of a position player falls to them."


Why Trout says Scherzer is the best he's faced - (
"Mike Trout recently named Max Scherzer as the best pitcher he's faced. Not exactly a shocking pick. Trout vs. Scherzer might very well be a matchup of the best hitter and the best pitcher in the world."

These are the best throwing arms in the NL East - (
"Turn your head, and you might miss an assist from [Victor] Robles."


Phillies to pay their minor-leaguers through at least June - (NBC Sports Philadelphia)
"The Phillies are one of the few teams in pro sports that has committed to all of its full-time employees through the end of the fiscal year (October)."

Sandy Alderson talks Matt Harvey's Mets career, what led to downfall: 'I love the guy' - (SNY)
"Matt Harvey's time with the Mets was complicated, with off the field moments and his Dark Knight persona at times overshadowing what was his utter dominance on the mound when healthy."

Survey: Marlins fans divided over universal designated hitter in 2020 - (Fish Stripes)
"Although 56% of total MLB fans surveyed want to make the DH universal, only 43% of those with NL team allegiances support it. Among Marlins respondents, 38% voted yes."

Braves among teams releasing minor leaguers this week - (
"The Braves, who didn’t release any players before the pandemic, have cut two dozen players from their lower levels."