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Get a new Washington Nationals’ Juan Soto - Soto Shuffle t-shirt for the 2020 MLB season

Baseball is coming back, so why not treat yourself to a new Juan Soto - Soto Shuffle name and # t-shirt from our friends at Breaking T?

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“That started in the minor leagues,” Juan Soto told reporters who asked the 21-year-old left fielder about his between-pitch uh, adjustment during last October’s run to the first World Series championship by a D.C.-based team since 1924.

“I like to get in the minds of the pitchers because sometimes they get scared,” Soto added.

“In the minor leagues some pitchers get scared, they say, ‘Oh, wow,’ because they never see that before.

“I just try to get on their minds and all this stuff. I still do it here in the big leagues. A couple of the guys tell me, hey, you can keep doing it, but do it in the right situation and that’s what I’m trying right now.”

Whatever works for you, Juan.

Since Soto and the rest of the baseball world are at least now planning to return late next month, our friends at Breaking T decided they would take the opportunity to launch fresh twists on classic t-shirt designs.

So there’s a new Soto Shuffle, with player name/number on back! Get you one: