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SB Nation Reacts: Which side are you on as MLB & the MLBPA try to bring baseball back in 2020?

MLB and the MLBPA continue to work on a plan for a 2020 season, but they might want to, you know, figure it all out sooner than later...

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Welcome to SB Nation Reacts, a survey of fans across MLB. Each week, we send 30 polls to plugged in fans from each team. Nationals fans, sign up HERE to join SB Nation Reacts.

Reducing it to two “sides” probably isn’t fair, and asking you to take one all-but assures we’ll have some rehashing of the old billionaires vs millionaires who get paid to play a kids’ game rhetoric, which is, yeah, something we should probably throw under the bus with the whole throwing things under the bus thing and referring to things as “dumpster fires”, but I digest, and we’ll necessarily have to be talking about this stuff, because this week’s new SB Nation Reacts polls asked about it. Like for example the question about whether one side or t’other is being like totally unreasonable:

That’s refreshing, neither side is being like totes déraisonnable, though more folks voted to say that the owners are the more unreasonable of the two sides. Well, hows about the next question, which asks, “What percentage of a pay cut is reasonable for the players to take?”

A 40% pay cut for a shortened season, without fans in attendance (except in Texas? Is that all for reals?), doesn’t seem unreasonable. The two sides will have to work out the financial and health aspects to get baseball back in our lives this summer, and the voters think there will be baseball in July! Positivity, Huzzah!! 58% positivity!:

But getting back to that owners vs players debate we made light fun of in the opening up at the top of this story? Apparently 66% of those who responded are on the players’ side of the so-called “labor dispute” and the SB Nation reacts folks decided to frame it as a battle of the Nationals’ ace Max Scherzer vs Commissioner Rob Manfred. Scherzer looks happier, we’ll at least say that...

But if they do work things out? We have written at length in previous articles about just how much time the players (and particularly the pitchers) would need to get ready for to play a new season (now that they’ve all been out of organized action since March). The consensus seems to be that they need around three weeks, and that’s the timeframe voters went for as well, though in our humble opinion, far too many people think they can ramp back up in just two weeks:

BONUS GRAPH: (which just restates the results of the next-to-last one included above, but with a picture included. Yes!! 58%! Word. We’re done here. Why are you still here?)