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Washington Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg ejected from stands in Citi Field by HP ump Carlos Torres...

2020 baseball, everyone. Stephen Strasburg just got ejected from the stands in Citi Field...

Screencap via @MASNNationals on Twitter.

The Washington Nationals didn’t like home plate umpire Carlos Torres’s strike zone as Austin Voth tried to work his way out of a bases-loaded jam in the third inning of this afternoon’s series finale with the New York Mets, and they let him know it. They let him know it from the dugout, and, apparently, from the stands, because Torres tossed someone from the game and while everyone was waiting to find out who got the heave-ho, some expletives were thrown around and then Stephen Strasburg stood up in the stands, tipped his cap toward home, and walked off... Strasburg got tossed from the stands. 2020 baseball, y’all.

Here’s the strike zone plot from Voth’s at bat with Mets’ slugger Pete Alonso, whose bases-loaded opportunity ended (after a 2-2 pitch (5) down low was called a ball) with a strike call on a 93 MPH fastball (6) low in the zone, just about where the previous pitch was:

And here, for your endless amusement, are all the Twitter videos we found of Strasburg’s walk of shame out of the park after he got tossed from the stands. Get’em Stras!:

[ed. note - “This one contains some NSFW language, so turn the volume down if you’re at work, and enjoy the SNY announce team’s FCC apology.”]: