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Washington Nationals Injury Updates: Juan Soto; Josh Harrison; Adam Eaton news...

Davey Martinez updated reporters on some injured Nationals before last night’s game...

MLB: Washington Nationals at Philadelphia Phillies Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports


Juan Soto showed up at the ballpark in Atlanta on Friday night and let the team trainer Paul Lessard know that his elbow was really bothering him.

“He was pretty sore,” manager Davey Martinez said after the Nationals split a doubleheader with the Braves. “When he saw Paul he was pretty sore to the touch. So, Paul came to my office and said, ‘Soto’s elbow is really bothering him.’ And I said, ‘Bring him in here and let’s see what’s going on.’”

“I told him I said, ‘Okay, can we get an MRI?’ And we got an MRI, and it came back negative, and so he’s going to be day to day.”

Martinez provided a perfunctory update on Soto’s left elbow before the third game of four for the Nats in Truist Park.

“Soto, he’s going to be day-to-day. He feels a little bit better today.”


Josh Harrison wasn’t happy with Braves’ righty Huascas Ynoa’s lack of command after the young starter hit the veteran utility man in the wrist early in Friday night’s game.

Harrison ran the bases and scored after the HBP, but he did not return to the field for the bottom of the inning.

Josh Harrison, they went and got X-rays and an MRI and he’s got a contusion on his forearm so we got lucky on that one because he got hit pretty good,” Martinez said on Friday night.

That was relatively good news, but Harrison was obviously going to be day-to-day as well, and he did not start in Saturday night’s game.

“Harrison is a little beat up,” Martinez explained. “He’s sore. Hopefully we can get him ready for the game and maybe if he can pitch hit or something like that it would be great, but he got hit pretty good, and he’s pretty sore today. So he’ll be day-to-day as well.”

Harrison came on as a pinch runner in last night’s game...


Adam Eaton jammed his knee at first base running out a bunt in the series finale with the Phillies on Thursday afternoon, and as of the time his manager spoke to reporters before the doubleheader on Friday, he hadn’t shown up at Truist Park.

Eaton didn’t appear in either half of the doubleheader, and Martinez said on Saturday that he’s day-to-day like Soto and Harrison.

“Eaton, same thing with Eaton, he’s going out there today, he’s going to test his knee out a little bit, we’ll see where he’s at after he comes back in today.”


Meanwhile, back in D.C., Stephen Strasburg is recovering from surgery for carpal tunnel neuritis issue in his right hand.

There had been no updates since the ‘09 No. 1 pick had surgery in Baltimore recently, so a reporter asked what, if any, news there was earlier this week.

Was there a timeline for the rehab process now that the surgery was done?

“He’s home resting right now,” Martinez said. “He had sutures put in, he’s going to get them out next week, so once he gets them out he’ll get reevaluated and then we’ll go from there.”

Strasburg isn’t going to be throwing for a while though according to his manager.

“He’s working out whenever he can, he’s got an unbelievable gym in his house, and he’s got somebody coming over to help him, so he’s working out the best he can, but he’s not going to throw for a while.”