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Washington Nationals’ lineup for 2nd of 3 with New York Mets in Citi Field...

Davey Martinez’s club tries to bounce back after they got deGrominated last night...

MLB: Washington Nationals at New York Mets Wendell Cruz-USA TODAY Sports

“It’s been a see-saw the first two weeks, whether we score runs or we don’t score runs,” Davey Martinez told reporters before the series opener with New York’s Mets last night.

“But the thing too is we’ve faced some pretty good pitching in the first two weeks as well,” he added, “... so I like where we’re headed ... and I think it’s just a matter of time before all these guys put it all together.”

Last night wasn’t the night the Washington Nationals put it all together. Jacob deGrom, yet another “pretty good” pitcher, dominated the Mets’ NL East rivals, striking out 15 batters in nine innings and retiring the final 19 batters he faced in a 6-0 win in which Nationals’ hitters managed just two hits.

What was Martinez’s message for his team, who’ll face Marcus Stroman (3-0, 0.90 ERA) in the second of three in Citi Field.

“I tell them, ‘Hey, the biggest thing is to forget about tonight, let’s come back tomorrow and get ready. We’ve got another good pitcher out there in Stroman and let’s get ready.

“We’ve done our due diligence on Stroman as well. So let’s just get ready for tomorrow and try to square some balls up and hit it hard.”

Is there anything to take away from the series opener, other than the fact that deGrom is at the top of his game right now?

“We’re all competitors, obviously,” Kyle Schwarber said after an 0 for 3, 2 K night at the plate on Friday. “This is a game that we’re not expecting to go out there and lose. This is — we’re all competitive. We all were rolling into this game and expecting to go out there and do our thing, and it’s just like any other loss, it didn’t happen, and just move on to the next day.”

Martinez was asked if there was anything his hitters could have done differently to throw the Mets’ ace off his game, or at least disrupt his rhythm as he rolled through the Nats’ lineup.

“You try to get the ball up in the zone, but like I said, when he’s throwing 100 MPH, throwing 93 MPH sliders, 91 MPH changeups, and throwing them for strikes, it’s going to be tough.

“Like I said, the boys battled and put some balls in play, but it was a tough night.”

“You go out there, you give it your best,” Martinez continued. “I know the guys were, like I said, they were trying, he was just good. You got to tip your hat off some days and come back tomorrow and get ready for tomorrow.”

It’s tomorrow now. Or it’s today, the tomorrow he was talking about. Or it’s ... you get it.


NOTES: Davey Martinez talked before today’s game about stacking the lineup with lefties against Mets’ starter Marcus Stroman (.152/.243/.242 line against LHB so far in 2021, vs .147/.147/.176 vs RHB; .260/.319/.384 vs LHB; .258/.305/.381 vs RHB in his career). “I think that they fare a little bit better, numbers-wise,” Martinez said, so he mixed things up today.