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Washington Nationals’ lineup for Game 2 of today’s doubleheader with the Atlanta Braves

Davey Martinez’s club plays the second game of today’s doubleheader with the Atlanta Braves in Nationals Park at approximately 3:45 PM.

Atlanta Braves v Washington Nationals Game 1 Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Davey Martinez talked last night about the possibility of Ryan Zimmerman playing both ends of today’s doubleheader after starting the season opener last night, in spite of the fact that he’s talked often this spring about limiting Zimmerman’s playing time in an attempt to try to maximize what the 36-year-old, 16-year veteran has to offer at this point in his career.

The Nationals have limited options at first right now, with expected everyday first baseman Josh Bell unavailable, quarantining after getting caught up in the COVID-19 issues the club is dealing with early this season, so Martinez is doing what he can with what he has to work with in the first few games.

Asked if he was considering running Zimmerman out there after he penciled him in at first in each of the first two games, Martinez said before today’s game, “That’s a good question.”

“He’s going to start the first game and we’ll go from there. I talked to him last night, he said he felt pretty good, so he will start the first game and then we’ll see what we can get out of him for the second game.”

If it’s not Zimmerman, Martinez said, Hernán Pérez, who filled in at first late in the season opener, could move over there.

“Pérez can move over to first base, and does a really good job over there, so if it so happens that if Zim can’t play the second game, we have options,” the skipper explained.

So who is it at first base for the second game of today’s doubleheader? It’s Pérez. And Tres Barrera is behind the plate catching Stephen Strasburg.