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Washington Nationals and Milwaukee Brewers’ series opener postponed; doubleheader in D.C. tomorrow...

There will be no baseball in D.C. tonight, and since they called it early, probably no streakers either...

MLB: SEP 10 Braves at Nationals Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Davey Martinez announced early this afternoon that tonight’s planned series opener with the Milwaukee Brewers in Nationals Park was postponed due to the inclement weather in Washington, D.C.

“Due to the weather today, the game has been postponed. It was agreed upon by MLB, us, and the Brewers,” Martinez explained.

“We will play a split [doubleheader] tomorrow. first game will start at 2:00, second game will start at 7:00 PM.”

It’s 2:05 and approximately 7:00-ish, apparently.

Following the night off, Martinez said, the Nationals will stick with their planned rotation in the series.

“The same two guys will pitch,” he said.

“[Jon] Lester and [Patrick] Corbin will pitch tomorrow, we just haven’t decided who’s pitching Game 1 or Game 2 yet.”

What’s going into the decision-making on which lefty will start which game?

“I want to talk to Lester and Corbin both, and if either one of them have a preference, then we’ll go from there, and then also sit down with [Pitching Coach Jim] Hickey, and just look at different things and see in which direction we want to go with those two guys.”

A reporter in Martinez’s pregamerainout Zoom call noted that the weather forecast for Washington, D.C. isn’t much more promising tomorrow, but Mr. 1-0 every day stayed on brand.

“We got to focus on today,” Martinez said. “And the weather tonight is supposed to get a lot worse throughout the night. So, MLB decided with us and the Brewers that we’ll postpone it and see what happens tomorrow.

“As we all know nobody can predict the weather, and things can change, but tonight it’s supposed to get pretty bad as the night goes. Hopefully we can play tomorrow, but we’ll see.

“Tonight, they deemed the weather being bad, so we won’t play tonight.”

Here’s the relevant information from the Nationals: