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Washington Nationals’ Starlin Castro reportedly being placed on administrative leave...

According to a report by The Athletic’s Brittany Ghiroli, the Nationals’ third baseman will go on administrative leave later today as MLB investigates alleged domestic violence incident.

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Tampa Bay Rays v Washington Nationals Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

The Athletic’s Brittany Ghiroli reported this afternoon that Washington Nationals’ infielder Starlin Castro is being placed on administrative leave today as the league investigates a, “domestic violence incident earlier this summer,” as Ghiroli wrote just now.

Administrative leave, Ghiroli notes, is for a seven-day period during which, “Castro still gets paid and does not lose service time,” and it can then be extended, “in week-long increments if both Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association agree.”

An important note included by Ghiroli is that a player going on administrative leave, “is not an admission of guilt, but rather a chance for the league to investigate the matter.”

Castro was previously placed on the Restricted List in June, missing some time before he returned to the team, with manager Davey Martinez explaining at the time that the 31-year-old was dealing with “family matters”.

“He has some family matters that he needs to attend to,” Martinez said on a pregame Zoom call on June 16th, “... and we talked last night and I just want him to go and handle those matters. I can’t get into specifics. One thing for sure, Starlin is good, he just needs to take care of some stuff.”

“He came in yesterday, I spoke to him,” Martinez told reporters then. “They don’t want him to play. And like I said, he has some family matters to deal with, so I 100% support him, and we all support him here at the Nationals, so hopefully he can resume and get back to us as soon as possible.”

As Ghiroli noted today, “[i]t is unknown if the Nationals were made aware of the nature of the incident before [today].”

UPDATE: 2:44 PM: Washington Post writer Chelsea Janes wrote this afternoon that the previous time on the Restricted List is unrelated to the current situation:

“That matter is separate from the one that led Castro to be placed on leave, according to a person familiar with the situation, who said the accusations against Castro are in reference to an incident that happened months ago.”

You can read the initial report here: