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Washington Nationals’ game interrupted by shooting outside Nationals Park’s Third Base Gate...

Tonight’s game was suspended after gunfire outside of the stadium sent fans fleeing for exits as the players cleared the field...

San Diego Padres v Washington Nationals Photo by Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Going into the bottom of the sixth inning tonight, play was halted as gunfire (which was later revealed to be from outside the Third Base Gate in Nationals Park), sent fans fleeing towards exits, as players quickly cleared the field in the nation’s capital.

Washington’s Nationals and the San Diego Padres were in the middle of the second game of a three-game set in D.C. when play was interrupted and suspended. It was a chaotic scene.

No one was sure exactly what happened, but as reports started to come out it was revealed that the shooting took place outside of the ballpark, with the gunshots clearly audible in the park.

We’re not sure if that’s what is heard on the following video, but the timing fits with reports from inside the ballpark:

The D.C. Police Department later tweeted out information as the active investigation of the shooting started up:

The Nationals announced the suspension of the game as well, and reported that the teams will finish tonight’s game before completing the series with the third of three to start 25-to-45 minutes after the completion of the suspended game tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon.

We’re going to hold off posting anything else for now since we’re not on the scene in D.C., and we’ll resume our regular scheduled coverage in the morning as this situation is sorted out...