That's what we have.

Four days until the trade deadline.

I was watching last night's series opener against the Phillies and besides Harrison, every single one of the Nationals looked nervous. That's the only word I could use to describe it. Their expressions, movements, everything, through the entire game told me that the only way they could win that game was on accident.

The home plate umpire Ben May gave the Nationals pitchers more then a few generous strikeouts, and I thought Hey, maybe the baseball gods (who do exist) will have mercy tonight...

Andrew McCutchen came up in the ninth and his demeanor reminded me of a man on a mission.

Brand Hand looked like one of the kid's on my son's old 12u team who had just hit a batter and he was terrified to throw the ball again and hurt someone.

Off the bat you could tell what happened, and I had the television off before the ball even reached the fans in right field.

What had happened wasn't just the National's losing to division rival Phillies, though that sucked.
It wasn't just giving that inflated mouthpiece Girardi validation, though that reallllyy sucked.

What had happened was the Nationals 2021 season came to a figurative close.

It's one thing to get swept by the Orioles. An American League team, regardless of now poor they are, doesn't impact the Nationals so much. Losing three games there (in a bubble) only nets us a 1.5 game deficit. But to then lose to a team in our division, to make it only 3 wins in the 10 games since the All-Star break, worse, 3 wins in the last 14 games.... oh but why stop there- let's get crazy- the Washington Nationals have 5.. count them... 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 wins in the last 21 games.

Am I still a National? Of course? I will still be watching every night... I'll still be at the ball park another 5 or 6 times this season. But front office managers are front office managers for a reason.

This is a Program. A business- and the goal is to win.

Not necessarily win TODAY. But win.

I see every other article out there talking about how a ton of teams are interested in Trea Turner and he IS ON THE TABLE as an option.

Dear Mr. Rizzo, et al-

Do not.

I shall say it again to make sure it is clear.

DO NOT, under any circumstance, trade away Trea Turner.

No matter what young talent you bring in, no matter the prospect, or even two young stud prospects on the cusp of their MLB debut... they will not bring you the return that Trea does.
Trea is, yes, an All-Star. And that is because he is the entire package.

While Soto is the better pure hitter- what Trea brings on the basepath is elite in the league. He ranks 7th in the entire majors, and tops among all Shortstops in Total Bases, an underrated stat that helps the entire team (less chance for double plays if you're not stuck on first). He is tied for 3rd in stolen bases. He is 2nd.. yes SECOND, in the entire major league in HITS.

And do you want to hear a silly stat? Do you want to know what the Brewers, Giants, Orioles, Pirates, Rockies, Tigers, and White Sox all have in common? If Trea Turner were on ANY of those teams- he would be their team leader in Home Runs. Trea, our little speedy shortstop, is 32nd in the entire major leagues in home runs.

Yes, Mr. Rizzo- you can play Money Ball and find one player who can get on base maybe... you can find another who can get stolen bases, you may also find someone who can hit homeruns- but that would be THREE OR FOUR roster slots which we currently can not afford to take up. Trea Turner has a +4 WAR (Wins Above Replacement)- the highest among all Nationals, including Scherzer and Soto.

So frankly- no. Trea Turner should not be on the trading block. Because anything short of Tatis Jr, Vladdy. Ohtani, or deGrom- and you will not be getting a fair trade- and those men aren't going anywhere.

And that's all I gotta say about that.

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