Berríos trade proves the Nats got hosed.

José Berríos is a good pitcher.
He is not Max Scherzer level good.

José Berríos is a good baseball player.
He is not Trea Turner level good.

Yet here we are.

The Nationals received 4 prospects from the Dodgers for their two All-Stars-
The Twins got 2 prospects for their All-Star

The Nationals received the #41 and #42 overall prospects in the league- as well as two guys who do not rank in the top 100.

The Twins received the #16 and #68 overall prospects in the league.

So- 41 and 42 roughly equal 16 and 68.

There are numbers games you could play here - but overall the lower the number the better, with the Nats overall at 83 and the Twins 84.
You could argue that the #16 guy so much outshines people in the 40s... you could argue two 40s are way better than you get from the 68... whatever.. they are basically the same thing.

The problem is- if you haven't noticed it yet-
The Twins got these two for ONE ALL-STAR.
The Nationals got their two- for TWO ALL-STARS- one of which a HOF lock, and the other the #2WAR position player in the league who I will be astonished if he isn't in the HOF conversation in 10 years.

The two additional lower tier players don't matter here. They are throw away.

Equate the Twins trade to the top two the Dodgers gave up- and that's about what the Nats should have gotten for Max OR Trea.

That means the Nats traded the other one for AA prospects.

That's horrendous.

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