A fan rants: Rizzo eviscerates Nationals

It’s even worse than I feared.

I guess Rizzo thinks he’s with the Montreal Expos, and so can’t afford to let a quality player reach his free agency year.

After Rizzo kissed Harper and Rendon goodbye in 2018 and 2019, the Nationals were left with two really good pitchers, one really good outfielder, and one really good infielder: Max Scherzer, Stephen Strasburg, Juan Soto, and Trea Turner.

Scherzer is 37, and no longer an ace, but still a very good pitcher who can be outstanding on occasion.

Turner is an outstanding SS and a highly productive offensive player, and just 28 years old. Nationals fans love him, with reason. So by all means let’s trade him even before his arbitration year.

The Dodgers not only ate the Nationals’ lunch, but supper and dessert as well. How sweet for them to give away some guys, a couple of whom might become competent major leaguers, and get two proven stars, one in his prime and the other past his prime but still very productive.

The Dodgers gave away Keibert Ruiz, C; Josiah Gray, RHP; Gerardo Carrillo, RHP; and Donovan Casey, OF.

If the Dodgers thought any of these four was really good, they would not have let them go. There is no Max Scherzer or Trea Turner among them.

It’s just too bad for Rizzo that Strasburg has been on the shelf last season and this. He could have shipped him off, too.

Oh well… if or when when he is healthy again, perhaps Rizzo can trade Strasburg with Soto. He might get 5 or even 6 minor leaguers for them.

Branch Rickey preached that there is quality in quantity. I guess Rizzo is a Rickey disciple.

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