Washington Nationals Best Upcoming Series

photo-1577892330753-c7ed46862c90.0.jpegWe’re well past the midway point of the MLB season and by now we know which teams have a chance at making a World Series run and which will be looking towards next season. While the Nationals may not be entering the postseason in 2021, there are definitely still some exciting games on the horizon for this team. Let’s take a look at some of the best series the Nationals still have on their schedule.

Braves @ Nationals: August 13-15 (3-Game Series)

After the Nationals finish their 3-game series with the Mets, they welcome the Atlanta Braves to Nationals Park for a rematch of last week’s series. As the season chugs along, these divisional matchups become more and more important. As of the current moment, the Braves are in heated competition with the Phillies for control of the NL East. Therefore, you know they will be bringing their all for these games.

The Nationals’ past series against the Braves was very competitive on both sides and ended with the Braves taking two games and the Nats taking one. Keep an eye on the MLB picks and predictions heading into this series as the analysts will certainly have some breakdowns of what to expect. After this series, these two teams will face off for the last time this season from September 7th-9th.
Nationals @ Brewers: August 20-22 (3-Game Series)

On August 20th, the Nationals head to Milwaukee to face off against the Brewers. The Brewers currently stand at the top of the NL Central and are one of the best teams in the league. This is sure to be an entertaining series that you do not want to miss.

The Brewers have had an excellent season thus far and this is expected to carry on until the end. Players like Willy Adames, Luis Urias, and Omar Narvaez have been hitting well for the team, but the real key to the Brewers’ success has been their pitching.
It will be interesting to see how excellent pitchers like Devin Williams and Freddy Peralta will match up against Juan Soto, providing that he is fully healed for these games after battling his recent knee injury. The Nationals should certainly hope that all of their key players are ready to go as they will need all of the talent they can get when they take on the .589 Brewers.

photo-1516731415730-0c607149933a.0.jpegPhillies @ Nationals: August 30 - September 1 (3-Game Series)

To finish out August strong, the Nats welcome their rivals, the Phillies, for a 3-game series. The last meeting between these two was certainly not what Nats fans wanted as the Phillies completely swept them in their 4-game series. The Nationals will be looking for revenge and what better way than to get some big wins over their rivals than in their last meeting for the season?
The Phillies were able to get the best of the Nats both offensively and defensively in their recent meeting. In their 9-5 victory over the Nationals on August 4th, their offensive clobbered pitcher Chase Anderson early on. This time around, the Nationals have the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to come out on top against the Phillies.

Nationals @ Pirates: September 10-12 (3-Game Series)

While both teams may not be entertaining postseason dreams, this is likely going to be an entertaining matchup. The Pirates haven’t been the best team this season so you can certainly expect some errors and just some plain, old fashioned, fun baseball when these two meet. Also, the Pirates have one of the most beautiful parks in MLB and it is definitely worth taking the 4-hour trip to their home turf if you want to enjoy a game while the weather is still nice out.

Red Sox @ Nationals: October 1-3 (3-Game Series)

The Red Sox will be coming to Nationals Park in October for their last 3 games of the regular season. At the moment, the AL East is exceptionally competitive with the Red Sox, Rays, Yankees and Blue Jays all fighting to take the division or win a wild card spot. This likely means that this 3-game series could be crucial for the Red Sox and thus these games will be very exciting and definitely worth tuning in for.

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