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Washington Nationals’ City Connect series cherry blossom-themed uniforms? Thumbs up or down?

So what do you think of the Nationals’ version of the City Connect uniforms?

So now that you’ve had 24 hours(-ish) to check out those new Washington Nationals’ “City Connect” jerseys produced in collaboration with Nike, and read all the takes on the +s and the -s of the new look duds which the club will wear, “during select games throughout the 2022 season,” beginning with the “home-opening weekend on Saturday, April 9 (7:05 p.m. vs. NYM) and Sunday, April 10 (1:35 p.m. vs. NYM),” do you like the uniforms? Like the cap?

We’re weighing in with our/my take: We/I like the caps, and the logo on them with leaves falling off or blowing off the old school W logo, but would have preferred just about any other choice than the “WSH” on the chest.

A “D.C.” logo? “Washington” or “Nationals” or a simple “The District” maybe? Or do you like the “WSH”?

As for their thinking with the design?

The Nationals went with the cherry blossom theme as part of the series, and wrote that in their thinking, “the uniform’s creative elements weave a powerful connection between the team and the region it represents,” according to a press release on the jersey design from the club yesterday.

“The architectural typeface represents the city’s strength, while the tonal floral toile is a symbol of its beauty. The pink and ivory color palette, which evokes the feeling of spring in D.C., is set against a dark anthracite background. Cherry blossom petals and branches, as well as the city flag, are prominently displayed, showcasing the pride the Nationals have for their hometown.”

“Washington D.C.’s cherry blossoms represent hope and new beginnings, making them the perfect symbol of this Nationals team,” Mark D. Lerner, the managing principal owner of the Nationals, explained in the press release from the rebooting organization. “We’re excited to unveil these beautiful uniforms as the embodiment of our historic organization’s hopeful future.”

So, hit or swing and miss for the Nationals and Nike on this one? Would you too have liked a different logo on the front? What about the color scheme?

Some of the other/previous City Connect jerseys?