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Dear Davey, We on bumpy roads have all the empathy in the world for you

If anybody can teach us to play hardball, it’s you…

MLB: San Francisco Giants at Washington Nationals Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Dear Davey,

You turned me into one of your biggest fans in a few months. I identify with you in many ways. You are of my generation, and your baseball values are my baseball values.

I wept with you when you said, “Bumpy roads lead to beautiful places,” and I feel I speak for many of us currently on bumpy roads that our fondest hope is that you will find the next beautiful place with us.

We are rooting for you because we know you stand for responsibility and accountability, and we know you command that respect from everyone. For this we admire you, and our hearts warm when the Nats win a ballgame.

We also understand that any leader, especially a great one like you, is accountable for the people he manages, even when true responsibility lies elsewhere. I admire that you stand up for the people you lead in any situation.

We all can feel the bumps in the road right now. There will be a beautiful place that won’t remind us of the traffic patterns around the beautiful new Frederick Douglass Bridge and Interstate 295-North.

But I digress.

We are going to hang on for dear life and root for you with all our hearts to get there together, this season or beyond. We know it hurts a lot to play hardball, but If anyone can teach us how, it’s you.

Your Biggest Fan,