Washington Nationals’ lineup for 3rd of 4 with the Cincinnati Reds in GABP... 2022


"A swinging bat is a hazardous bat," Davey Martinez told columnists after the Nationals' 8-1 misfortune to the Cincinnati Reds on Thursday night in Great American Ball Park. Washington's fifth-year captain, talking after the club snapped a 27-inning scoreless streak, expressed out loud whatever he was seeing from his hitters isn't what works for the lineup they gathered in the country's capital. "The main way we will receive in return is by getting great pitches and swinging at great pitches, and going after the strike zone early. That we're great at," Martinez said. "While we're going great, we go up there and we're prepared to hit. What's more, the most recent couple of days I'm watching and we're taking such a large number of strikes, we truly are, and placing ourselves in an opening." Martinez's club showed up cocked and locked in the second of four with the Reds the previous evening, with Lane Thomas hitting three homers, Nelson Cruz and Juan Soto hitting one each, and the club setting up eight runs absolute, on 12 hits, while going 3 for 8 with sprinters in scoring position in the success.