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Washington Nationals’ lineup for 2nd of 3 with New York Mets in D.C.

Davey Martinez and Co. try to even things up after dropping the opener to the Mets.

Seattle Mariners v Washington Nationals - Game Two Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

Davey Martinez summed up the situation in D.C. before last night’s game when he talked about waiting to come up with his lineup for the series opener with the New York Mets to make sure he knew which players were still on the team with the 2022 Trade Deadline looming and trades expected to once again shake up the big league roster in the nation’s capital.

“Today, I didn’t put the lineup up till kind of later, but yeah, I talk to [Bench Coach Tim Bogar] before we leave the ballpark, and we talk about different scenarios and if we’ll have to do something,” he said in his pregame presser.

Though he knew changes were likely to come in the near future at that point, Martinez said he had to remain focused on the task at hand, and not think about which players he might lose, or which prospects or minor leaguers will be called up to join the big league roster.

“The future is like really now, right?” he asked rhetorically. “Getting ready for the game at 7:00. I can’t think about the guys that we have — even though, we got some young guys that are going to help us, we really do. But I can’t focus on them right now. The focus for them will be this winter, and seeing where we’re at, having these meetings all winter long and trying to see which guys can help us next year up here in the big leagues.

“For now though, my focus is on those 26 guys we got in the clubhouse and getting them ready for today.”

“I’m going to come here and get guys prepared and ready to play,” he added.

“That’s all I can do. I can’t get caught up in walking around [with] my phone and looking at Twitter and Instagram. I’m just going to go out there and coach the boys up and get them ready to play and we’ll see what happens.”

Martinez admitted after the comments above he doesn’t even have his own social media accounts.

“Remember I told you, I said that didn’t even know what WhatsApp was until I had to get a hold of [Juan] Soto one day,” he joked.

Once the game with the New York Mets started last night, Martinez said, he was finally able to put everything aside and lock in on his job.

He didn’t even consider the possibility of an in-game trade which would force him to pull a player from the lineup.

“I’m so focused in on the game, that I don’t even — honestly, I didn’t even think about it the whole game. I’m just watching Juan [Soto’s] at-bats, I watched [Josh Bell’s] at-bats. [Nelson Cruz] is hitting the ball again, which is nice. [Yadiel Hernàndez] had some good at-bats. Luis [Garcìa] had really good at-bats off of Max [Scherzer] today, so that was awesome.

“They play hard. They play hard to the last out, they don’t give up, and I love that about this group.”

Three of the five players mentioned above are still with the club tonight, with Soto and Bell traded to the San Diego Padres today.

What does Davey’s lineup look like tonight? Let’s see... [ed. note - “Yikes?”]