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MLB 2022 Postseason GameThread(s)

GameThreads 131-162. Just comment here. Or don’t? We’re just going to leave this post here for the rest of the season...

Toronto Blue Jays and the Seattle Mariners practice on the eve of their American League Wild Card series Steve Russell/Toronto Star via Getty Images

Due to some unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances behind the scenes at FBB, we will no longer be posting GameThreads for each game.

We’re going to leave this one up in the top six stories for the rest of the season and you can comment (or not) here for the remainder of the games this season.

It isn’t how we’d prefer to proceed, but sometimes decisions are taken out of your hands, and all you can do is move forward. So that’s what we’re doing for now.

We’re going to park this post on the front page and leave it there for the rest of the schedule and, I don’t know, see how high the total goes or whatever. Is anyone still watching these games? Go Nats, we guess, right? No seriously, Let’s Go Nats!

Mr. Wilbon? Way To Go Nats!!!

• Mr. Kornheiser? "Don't Hate on the Nats, Baby!"