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Washington Nationals Reacts: Casual fans or diehard 162-game watchers? Is the season too long? and other baseball questions...

We asked questions, you gave answers. I think this is the start of a beautiful friendship...

Hey, Nats fans. If you didn’t see it yesterday, we posted a survey asking where you stand on the status of the Washington Nationals’ reboot/reset/rebuild/whatever at this point, and the results are coming, but in the meantime, we thought the results of the national questions in the SB Nation’s React surveys/polls were interesting, so we thought we’d take a look at their results and then we’ll add the Nats-specific results when they come in.

The first question in this week’s survey/poll asked how many games you watch each season...

If the answer is not 162, congrats, you probably have a life outside baseball. Our answer was 162, though it’s proving more difficult these days, even though we only have a little bit of life outside baseball. But what about you, and the rest of the people who receive the SB Nation react polls in their email and respond? I’m sure you guessed this, folks here are really pretty darn dedicated to their respective teams, and 41% of you/us fell into the 131-162 games per year results. Congrats, Commissioner Manfred, it’s all due to the rule changes you made in 2023! Especially the bigger bases!!! Now just get rid of the Manfred Man in extra innings!!!!!

The second-highest total was in the 100-130 group, 20%, while 18% said they watch 60 or fewer, 14% said 83-100, and 7% said 61-82. Who are these people? What are they watching at night/during the day? We watch Mrs. Maisel as much as the rest of you (what nobody really watches that? Errr, it’s great, whatever) ... we watch Class of ‘03 (oh, c’mon, just give it a try) as much as everyone else, but there’s plenty of time for more baseball. You 18% or lower folks confuse are baseball-sized brains. Up next?

The Reacts bot asked what you think the ideal number of games per season is and 66% of you said 151-162 games per season is just right. A total of 21% of you wants to see 121-150 per seasons, 8% want 101-120, and 82-100 got 5%.

One thing we’ll admit we were wrong about (it’s just the second time since we started here at FBB that we’ve been wrong about something), the pitch clock has improved the pace of play this season, (or at least it seems to have, we didn’t, you know, look for updated average times of games), but things seem to be moving quickly, and that’s why Davey Martinez says he’s okay running Keibert Ruiz out there every day, but we digest. But it does seem like the games are shorter, it’s hurting beer sales, so they’re selling beer later into the games, which should be great for safety on the drive home. What were we talking about again? Oh yeah, 81% think that the 2-3 hours games usually take is just about right. A full 14% want to see 4-5-hour games, which, you’re wrong. And 5% are looking for 1-2-hour games, which, yeah, no. So, that’s it for now, we’ll add the Nats results when we get them, and really, thanks for watching, and please patronize our sponsors!

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