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SB Nation Reacts: Cheating in baseball? Where do you stand?

This week’s SB Nation Reacts polls asked baseball fans for their thoughts on cheating in the national pastime. Aaron Judge’s glances? Max Scherzer’s sweat and rosin + more...

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With a sidelong glance into his own team’s dugout before he hit a homer in Toronto earlier this month, Aaron Judge got the cheating in baseball ball rolling once again, and a couple more pitchers this year coming up sticky when umpire’s have checked their hands, and it ends up the talk of the game again.

Max Scherzer swears it’s just sweat and rosin, darn it. Kind of really believe him in that case, actually ... No really, we do.

As for Judge?

“Judge said his sneak peek was in response to ‘a lot of chirping from our dugout’ while he was in the batter’s box,” as USA Today’s Steve Gardner and Jordan Mendoza reported.

Did you see the video of the glance? Did you buy his explanation?

It doesn’t take much for the whole baseball world to start talking about cheating again, and this week’s SB Nation reacts polls asked a couple questions about where fans stand when it comes to subterfuge, trickery, etc.

While we don’t condone, or appreciate cheating, still, our all-time favorite cheater-getting-caught video still makes us laugh whenever we watch it... Nice try, Joe Niekro. The subtlety with which he tosses whatever he had in his pockets (reportedly it was an emery board and sandpaper), is just flat-out hilarious.

But okay, okay, back to this week’s SB Nation Reacts polls. The powers that be asked all y’all for your opinion on cheating in the national pastime:

When it’s not video/trash can/camera-aided sign stealing, we’re all for it. Good old picking up signs is one thing, what the TrAshtros did is another (not to mention the Red Sox and, if you didn’t know, of course, the Yankees. Mais bien sûr). And 47% of those of you who took time to respond to this week’s polls said it’s “Not totally Unusual” while 43% went for the old “Every Team Does It” option. Then 10% of the really good people among us said that, “Only Cheaters Do It.”

But if it’s good old sign stealing, it’s all fair in love and baseball, right? No tech though? At what point does stealing signs become a problem?

Are you an anti-cheating absolutist? 35% are. And 6% come from the Eddie Guerrero school of thought. A full 59% said there’s a “Gray Area”...

But, finally, what’s worse: Pitching with sticky stuff or stealing signs?

What’s your take? Make it hot. No, just any take will do actually. Where do you land? Also, as always, please patronize our sponsors...

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