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SB Nation Reacts: Washington Nationals & Lane Thomas + Trade Deadline poll results...

Polls, poll results, polling. Polls. Nats fans don’t want the club to deal Lane Thomas, apparently.

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Have the Washington Nationals and their GM Mike Rizzo, who’s promised to be active and aggressive at the trade deadline again this year, received more phone calls than usual as they once again look to deal some players on expiring contracts, as they try to build their next championship contender?

“More than usual? No. I think it’s as usual,” Rizzo told 106.7 the FAN in D.C.’s Sports Junkies on Wednesday, in his weekly appearance on the show.

“As you get closer to the deadline or any deadline in Major League Baseball, obviously the activity will increase. People like to do things at a deadline, and this is no different. I think we’ll be busy, we’ll be active for sure; we’ll be aggressive and we’re going to make deals that will make a lot of sense for us. We’ve got some attractive players for some contending teams, so a week from yesterday, at 6:00 PM ET, we’ll be very excited about what we’ve done, and kind of looking at some new prospects if we make some good deals.”

Over the last two years, at the 2021 and ‘22 deadlines, Rizzo said, the club did a lot to push the organizational reboot they kicked off in ‘21 forward, trading Max Scherzer, Trea Turner, Josh Bell, Juan Soto, and a whole lot more for prospects who are in the majors already and working their way up through the minors as the club tries to build a competitive big league roster and rebuild their farm system.

“I think we impacted our franchise greatly,” Rizzo said of the last two deadlines.

“I think that we put the rebuild process in overdrive, and I think that we’re further along than if we hadn’t done those two Trade Deadlines.”

What will they do this time around? We asked about the idea of trading a relatively young, controllable Lane Thomas, who’s in the midst of a career year, if the right deal is there on August 1st (or before then) in the latest SB Nation Reacts poll this week. The results? You folks (or at least 47% of those who voted) don’t want to deal Thomas right now apparently:

You can check out the initial post, poll, and discussion in yesterday’s post HERE.

Also, here are some of the national baseball questions included in this week’s SB Nation Reacts polls (which went out before the Chicago White Sox dealt Lucas Giolito and also Reynaldo Lopez to the LA Angels on Wednesday. So good voting, Reacters(?). Might try taking back that Ohtani getting traded vote though...”):

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