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Washington Nationals Reacts Survey: Should the Nationals extend Mike Rizzo and Davey Martinez?

Will the Nationals’ ownership group maintain the status quo in the nation’s capital, and allow GM Mike Rizzo and skipper Davey Martinez to see the reboot through to the end?

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Washington’s Nationals exercised a club option for 2023 and extended GM and President of Baseball Operations Mike Rizzo for another year last July 2nd.

Going into the ‘23 campaign, Rizzo said he had no concerns about going into a so-called lame duck year with the organization he’s guided since 2009.

“I’m under contract this year,” Rizzo explained, trotting out some of the evergreen lines he’s used when his contract status came up in previous years.

“It’s not the first time, won’t be the last time I’m on a lame-duck contract. It doesn’t affect me. It doesn’t bother me. I have been there before. I was an area scout. I worked on 20 one-year contracts in a row. So I’m no stranger to limited security. My work will be my résumé and we’ll see how it goes on from there. But the Lerner family is the owner of this club, they’re our boss, we take our marching orders from them, and we’re going to do the job we’ve always done here.”

Manager Davey Martinez’s club option for 2023 was picked up last July 2nd as well, and the skipper talked after the trade deadline passed this week about his own future with the club and whether or not he’d be around to see the reboot they kicked off in 2021 through.

On brand as ever, the Nationals’ sixth-year skipper told reporters he was solely concerned with the day-to-day managing of the team, and being where his feet are each day, while the rest of it sorts itself out eventually.

“I say this every day,” Martinez said, “... for me, I’m just going to take it day-by-day and be where my feet are, I really am. I hope, and I say this all the time, one, I love it here, I love the fans here. We did some incredible things in the past, and I want to be here, but that decision is not mine.”

The decision is the Lerner family’s to make. Should they lock up Rizzo and Martinez before the 2023 season ends, ensuring they’ll continue the process of rebooting the organization beyond this year?