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MLB 2023 Postseason GameThread(s)

Your home of the world-famous Washington Nationals GameThreads, brought to you since 2007 under the current management...

Wild Card Series - Toronto Blue Jays v Minnesota Twins - Game One Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Ignore all the blah blah blah below, this is now a 2023 MLB Postseason GameThread, which we’ll leave up until someone’s crowned the champions of the 119th World Series. Enjoy that postseason action as much as you allow yourself to when the team you follow is not in it for the fourth straight season. Pick a team to cheer for over the next month, or just enjoy some stress-free baseball for the next few weeks as we wait to see who wins it all and hope that it isn’t Atlanta.

Will it be fun or annoying for you if the Baltimore Orioles do well? Who are you picking to win the right to face Atlanta in the first round? It should all be fun-ish, right? Anyway, enjoy yourselves while we take a short break to get this season behind us and catch up on a little rest...

If you’re a completist, you can keep reading from here, but we promise we didn’t change much at all of what’s been up here since the season started, and we hope no one has the habit of going back and reading this thing over and over...

Hello. We’re back again for more Washington Nationals baseball. Yeah!? And as we did last season, we’re going to set up one GameThread for the 2023 season and we’re going to be leaving it up all year, so you’ll know where to go when you want to talk to your fellow Nats fans during the games.

We’re going to park this post on the front page (in the No. 2 spot, see pic below) and leave it there for the entire 2023 season and, I don’t know, see how high the total goes or whatever. Go Nats, we guess, right? No seriously, Let’s Go Nats! Why aren’t you cheering in your seat, your car, while looking at your phone on the Metro, or ignoring work in your office, or while still working from home in comfy sweatpants or whatever. The pic we mentioned is below:

Expensive graphic, essentially our entire budget for graphics this year created by FBB’s Ed Chigliak for free. All rights reserved. ©FBB2023

We’ll try to post lineups in the threads each night in lieu of the old lineup posts we used to do, but we’re also not promising anything, so don’t yell at us, or try to beat us up with each lineup. That doesn’t sound right. Try to post the lineup before we do? You know like some real-a$$ citizen journalist-types. You know, maybe write, “First” with your post if you do get the lineup posted first, because I don’t think anyone’s ever done that, and it will always be a funny thing to do we think.

As always, try to be nice to one another, and anyone from the SB Nation sister-sites if’n they stop by to chat amiably, and feel free to tell them the [insert opposition team name] stink if they come a-trolling us. And trust they’ll be whack-a-mole’d soon enough. [ed. note - “The name is Dalton Ban Hammer.”]

It’s easy to be negative this season, we understand, but that also gets boring to read after a while. [ed. note - “And we know this, since we read all the comments on the site in a ‘I’d like to check out your public protest, why you complaining’/Pavement sort of way.”] So I mean, by all means, be as critical as you like, but maybe, occasionally, constructively, and maybe try to remember this is supposed to be fun, and there are sure* to be plenty of positives provided the Nationals don’t put up a 100+ loss season again.

[ed. note - “* = ‘plenty of positives’ not guaranteed. We stick by the fact that there were bound to be fun moments, but in hindsight ... ahh, just kidding, there were fun moments this season, right?”]

Have we padded this enough now? Is anyone ever going to read this, or as usual will all you smart-types just skip right to the comment section? I guess what we’re trying to say is, this is your GameThread(s) for 2023. And now it’s your postseason gamethread(s). See, efficient, low-budget, cost-saving measures.

Watch/chat/argue/cry/post pics of raccoons/weird in-jokes/GIFS of fireworks/dancing mascots/good plays/whatever you want to post (within reason), but most of all, we’re essentially hoping, in the words of the great Bill S. Preston, Esq. that you will really...:

Be excellent to each other.

Don’t really like Bill and Ted all that much. Not sure why that’s the quote we chose to throw in at the end here for no reason. And, no, we have not watched the new Bill and Ted, since, as mentioned above, we didn’t really like the first one. But did you all see Confess, Fletch? Now that’s a franchise worth reviving... What? Did it not do well in theaters? Are there still like theaters in this country? Who actually reads this far? For real? We’ve kept these things down below here for years ... like since 2007-8 ish, iirc. FR. NL. SYL. Ps.

Mr. Wilbon? Way To Go Nats!!!

• Mr. Kornheiser? "Don't Hate on the Nats, Baby!"