Spotrac Projects Soto's Contract


Would anyone not want to sign him to this right now?

Schwarbombs and Rally Helmets - 2021 Washington Nationals are fun...

Hit a Schwarbomb get to wear the rally helmet? Or as Kyle Schwarber said, "Rally helmet. Rally helmet right there. Caps. Big hockey team. Rally helmet. Got to love it." - New t-shirts from our friends at BreakingT.



"Oh, hell no. I’m swinging the whole time. I’m swinging. If you throw it right there, I’m going to swing." - Juan Soto on swinging 3-0 on his Opening Day walk-off winner. New t-shirt via BreakingT

Nationals' lineup for nightcap of doubleheader with the Mets...


We didn't have time to write a separate lineup post for Game 2 because we've been hard at work transcribing this afternoon's 36:30 press conference on Davey Martinez's extension. So just take your FanShot lineup and like it. Got it. Sorry for yelling. We love you. -- FBB

Victor Robles made a catch so good it goes its own t-shirt...


"To be honest, it was complete instinct," Victor Robles said of his home run-robbing catch at the center field wall Tuesday night in Truist Park. It was a catch so impressive, that Breaking T decided it deserved its own shirt. Get yours thru the link above...

New Juan Soto Juan Gone T-shirt from Breaking T


Juan Soto got a good look at his 463 ft home run in the series opener in New York on Monday night. "I saw where it landed right when I hit it," Soto said after the game. "I followed the ball all the way, I wanted to see if I got it in the apple. But yeah, I saw it, and it was way far." It was HR No. 58 in Soto's major league career. And it was long gone... or Juan Gone? Get it. Right. Go buy one.

"There Goes The No-Hitter" - FP Santangelo + Breaking T


"Why I say 'there goes the no-hitter' every night. A tribute to one of the biggest influences in my life [Expos' manager Felipe Alou]." - FP Santangelo on Twitter. - Us: How did it take so long to get this on a t-shirt?

Washington Nationals fans can Go 1-0 Every Day with the new Breaking T shirt...


How did the Nationals battle back from their 19-31 start last year? "We went 1-0 all year," manager Davey Martinez told reporters this winter, after the club's World Series win. How will they approach a potential 2020 campaign? You are right if you guessed 1-0 every day again. "The message is going to be clear: Hey, we’re not going to sneak up on anybody this year, that’s for sure. So we’ve got to be ready to go from day one. With that being said, I want them to understand, hey, we’re going to do business like we’ve done in the past, and we’re just going to try to go 1-0 every day. Why change something that works?"

The Clang Heard Round the World - Howie Kendrick Game 7 HR shirt...


Before tomorrow night's World Series documentary and Sunday night's ring ceremony, get another reminder of the best night in most of our baseball lives with a new Howie Kendrick t-shirt from Breaking T!



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