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Nationals' roster notes + more w/ bluelineswinger

FBB's bluelineswinger (@aka iofshinsplint on twitter) goes in-depth on all things Nationals.

Lucas Giolito's call-up can kill two birds with one stone...

The Washington Nationals called up the best pitching prospect in baseball to temporarily replace their ace. Now that they've started his service clock, could Giolito stick around and improve the bullpen when Strasburg is healthy?

It's time for the Nats to send Rivero to Syracuse

Washington Nationals' reliever Felipe Rivero's struggles continued Saturday as he allowed all six batters he faced to reach in a 7-3 loss. It was the fourth time in seven appearances he's allowed multiple runs as his ERA jumped from 5.34 to 6.82.

What will Wilson Ramos command in free agency?

Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos has turned in a career year so far in 2016. Assuming he can sustain this success the rest of the way, how much money has the free agent to be made himself with his hot hitting?

Nats reported interest in Phillips makes no sense

The Washington Nationals were linked to a 34-year-old defensive star at second base who is expensive and has shown signs of decline in two of the past three years. I sure hope this rumor doesn't have any legs......

Nats offseason needs: Rotation

The front three starters in the Nationals rotation seem to be set for 2016. While they have options who have had some success to fill out the rotation in Tanner Roark and Joe Ross, it might make sense for the Nats to add an arm this winter.

Will one of this year's QO players break the mold?

In four years since the qualifying offer system has been in place to determine free agent compensation, we haven't seen a single player call their former team's bluff and accept it. Could this be the year it happens? If so, who will it be?

Can Dusty Baker take the Nats to the next level?

After a hectic week, the Nationals officially introduced Dusty Baker as their new manager Thursday. Can he be the manager to finally push this franchise over the hump and win a playoff series?

Some Royals (FA) to watch in the World Series

With little to root for in the fall classic other than a good series, it's time to take a look at some of the players for each team that might be interesting for the Nats in a few weeks. Let's start with the Royals.

Which Nats will receive a qualifying offer?

Entering the 2015 season, the smart money said that the Nats would have four players that they'd be giving a qualifying offer and receiving draft pick compensation for. Now that the season's over, will all four of those guys see a QO?

Matt Williams didn't leave the Nats much choice

All managers make mistakes, but Matt Williams' inability to adapt to those mistakes and his lack of awareness about what was going on in his own clubhouse were too much for Mike Rizzo and the Nats to overlook.

Matt Williams: Deja vu all over again

Matty went to Blake Treinen against a powerful left-handed hitter with the game on the line. This was not the miraculous time where it actually worked.

Bryce Harper's bizarre insistence to attempt bunts

We've seen Bryce Harper attempt to bunt before. It almost always seems to strike a nerve, whether he's bunting for a hit or trying to (why?!?!?) sacrifice a runner over. Harper once again attempted a bunt Wednesday night in a big spot.

Can scorching Nats keep rolling?

The Washington Nationals have outscored their opponents this month by a ridiculous 117-69 margin. Can they keep on rolling? Is it too late? Let's enjoy it and hope something comes out of this late season run.

Can Nats overcome 7.5 game deficit with 17 to go?

It may seem implausible, but we've actually already seen a 7.5 game swing in the standings between the Mets and Nats in a 17 game stretch this season. In fact, it's happened TWICE! Buckle up! Cheer your Nats on during this final homestand!

Jayson Werth has found form over the past month

It took a little over three weeks for him to start finding himself, but Jayson Werth looks an awful lot like the stud he was from 2012-14 over the past thirty days.

Nats collapse again; Give another one away

There's no silver lining. That's six winnable games in the past two weeks the Nats have lost. In each of their past four losses, the Nats have held a two run lead as late as the sixth inning. Yes... This is brutal.

Improved lineups may give Mets/Nats pitchers fits

In their first thirteen matchups this season, the Nats and Mets have combined to score just 72 runs (5.54/game). While the pitching is partially responsible for this, both offenses have improved significantly over where they were earlier in the year.

Williams pushed right bullpen buttons Friday

Many headlines will tell you that Matt Williams pushed all the right buttons last night. I don't think that's quite true, but he did do a fine job of handling his bullpen. If I'm going to blast him when he messes up...

Big chance for Nats to set the tone this homestand

The Washington Nationals will play the first of their two remaining series against the NL East leading Mets next week. Before that, they'll have a chance to make up some ground as they host the struggling Atlanta Braves.

Nats let another winnable game slip away

For the fourth time in seven days, the Nationals let a winnable game slip away. After losing a pair of one run games last week to the Padres and Marlins, the Nats wasted a 5-3 lead in the late innings for the second night in a row in St. Louis.

Nats have fitting end to 12-17 August

The Washington Nationals came from ahead to lose 8-5 in their series opener in St. Louis. It was their eighth straight loss at Busch Stadium and capped an abysmal 12-17 August that saw them lose 8.5 games in the standings.

Matt Williams' confusing double switch

Matt Williams hasn't utilized the double switch very often in his tenure as the Nats manager. Maybe we saw why on Friday night. He double switched in the seventh inning of Friday's loss to the Marlins and moved his pitcher's spot UP in the order.

Should Nats have prepared better for injuries?

In the month since the trade deadline, Jayson Werth has struggled in his return from injury. Anthony Rendon has been OK, but not the Rendon we remember. Zim has been fine, but Denard Span lasted just two games before his season ended.

Yunel Escobar's GIDP wasn't Matt Williams fault

Matt Williams has taken a lot of heat over the past few months, much of which has come in this column. He doesn't deserve criticism for giving Yunel Escobar the green light on 3-0 with runners on the corners last night, though.

Blake Treinen looks sharp since being recalled

Nats reliever Blake Treinen has allowed just five baserunners in 10.2 scoreless innings since returning from Syracuse in early August. Is this a sign of things to come? Let's hope so.

Mets opponents not doing Nats any favors

The hole that the Nats have dug is all their own doing. If they hope to claw out of it, they're going to need some of the second division clubs on the Mets remaining schedule to finish the job when they hang a big number on the Mets pitchers.

What's happened to J-Zimm in the second half?

Jordan Zimmermann has been a rock in the Nats rotation for the past six years, but he's really struggled since the All Star Break. After allowing just eight home runs in the first half, J-Zimm has allowed eight home runs this August.

Nats begin crucial nine game homestand

The Washington Nationals have been sixteen games better at home than they have been on the road. They'll begin a nine game homestand Friday, all of which come against teams with losing records. It's time to get moving!

Is there something wrong with Anthony Rendon?

Anthony Rendon sat for the second night in a row and third time in five games in Wednesday's 4-1 win over the Rockies. He's dealt with three significant injuries this season and hasn't hit well when in the lineup. He's not hurt again, is he?

Jayson Werth: Leadoff man?

Washington Nationals left fielder Jayson Werth hit in the leadoff spot for the first time since April 17, 2013 last night. It worked last night, but does it make sense to give him more chances to bat atop the order?

Matty trolls everyone with first inning sac bunt

With Michael Taylor on second base and a 2-0 count on Yunel Escobar (.304/.356/.414), Matt Williams called for a sacrifice bunt to hand Matt Cain and the Giants the very first out of the game. At this point, he's just trolling us.

Time for the Nats to cut ties with Tyler Moore

Tyler Moore had a great ascent to the majors and a strong rookie season in 2012. Unfortunately, it's 2015 and Moore has generally been a terrible big league hitter for three years. If he were a good defender, that could be forgiven some. He's not.


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