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Nationals unveil 2018 All-Star Game logo: Twitter reacts...

The Washington Nationals unveiled the logo for the 2018 MLB All-Star Game this afternoon. Did Twitter like it... well, it is Twitter. Or Twitter is what it is, or whatever.

Nationals and Angels’ budding friendship

It doesn’t make sense, but they seem to have fun anyways.

Ryan Zimmerman passes Vladimir Guerrero to become Nationals/Expos franchise home run leader...

Ryan Zimmerman hit his 235th career home run this afternoon, making him the all-time home run leader in Expos/Nationals franchise history. He’s two away from being the D.C.-based home run leader...

OPINION-ISH: How did the “Bryce Harper wants to play for the Chicago Cubs” thing become a thing?

Peter Gammons said something. It got tweeted around. Twitter made a “moment” out of it. The internet said hold on to your butts this is amazing...

Bryce Harper sent another baseball into orbit


Seriously: Jayson Werth spoke at an organic trade conference

Both bees and bullpens are dying at alarming rates.

Bryce Harper might’ve hit a homer to outer space...

Going, going, going, going, going, going, still going, it’s gone, but it’s still going... Watch Bryce Harper big home run...

Nationals made Adam Eaton a parking space for his little scooter and all is right in the world again

You can always count on Adam Eaton for joy when you need it.

WATCH: Washington Nationals’ ace Max Scherzer in a new promo spot for a D.C. animal rescue


All of Bryce Harper’s home runs in April, ranked

It’s the power rankings you never knew you always wanted.

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Washington Nationals' skipper Dusty Baker on Max Scherzer vs the Phillies

Dusty Baker talked after last night's win about Max Scherzer running into trouble in the 7th vs the Philadelphia Phillies in Citizens Bank Park...

Bryce Harper ecstatic to see bride on wedding day

Featuring Ian Desmond and what appears to be the back of Jayson Werth’s head!

Bryce Harper and Clint Frazier’s budding friendship continues...

C’mon, what else would Bryce Harper talk about?

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"The Importance of Baseball"

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A Nat-Mare: New York Daily News cover shows Bryce Harper clad in Yankee pinstripes

This is the stuff of nightmares, right here. The NYDN's sports page featured Bryce Harper, Manny Machado, and Gary Sanchez all wearing Yankees uniforms, in what could be a look at the future when both Harper and Machado reach free-agency, when a lot of people expect Harper to head for the Bronx... yikes!

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Bryce Harper does the mannequin challenge

Harper and his pals over at Under Armour took part in the latest internet craze, the "mannequin challenge." Unsurprisingly, Bryce Harper is lifting weights in the video.

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Video: Max Scherzer's amazing season by the numbers

Max Scherzer put up some impressive numbers in a historic season, which he capped off with the NL Cy Young Award. The folks over at the Washington Post summed up his season by the numbers in a new video. (Spoiler alert: Scherzer has two Cy Young Awards now.)

Nationals players took Halloween very seriously

Like, dog wearing a ninja costume seriously.

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Max Scherzer has his tight pants on for Halloween

BREAKING: Max Scherzer has the tightest pants in all the land. Scherzer and his wife, Erica May Scherzer, donned the matching costumes which came from a "Fallon" skit starring Will Ferrell. On the plus side, it looks like Scherzer and his wife have made up after their jersey-related spat a few days ago.

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Max Scherzer's wife almost threw away one of his no-hitter jerseys, and he's kind of upset

All is not well in Scherzer-land. Max's wife, Erica May Scherzer, was doing some routine house cleaning, and threw away what she thought was a dirty jersey. As it turns out, the jersey meant a little more than that. Update: Erica has issued a formal apology Update #2: Max is still unhappy

Here’s what the Nats have been up to since the season ended...

(Caps game!) (Redskins game!) (Private jets!)

Nationals’ Bryce Harper stars in new T-Mobile Ad

Just because he’s Bryce Harper doesn’t mean he can’t fold some underwear.

Bryce Harper stars in Gatorade’s latest set of ads

Bryce Harper is an ad-making machine for Gatorade — but he wasn’t asleep in this set of new ads.

Washington Nationals’ 2017 schedule released

The Washington Nationals (and the rest of the major league teams) released their 2017 schedule today.

Zimmerman surprises his 2-year-old daughter with a two-story playhouse

The Nationals’ first baseman and his family appeared on TLC’s Playhouse Masters where a luxury playhouse was constructed for Ryan’s backyard.

5-time Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky throws out first pitch in Nationals Park

Katie Ledecky took her Olympic medals off and fired a strike when she threw out the first pitch tonight at Nationals Park. Of course she did.

Nationals’ CF Ben Revere makes a leaping grab to rob Freddie Freeman

Ben Revere took one back! With a leaping grab at the wall in right-center, Revere robbed Freddie Freeman.

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These lucky D.C. Little Leaguers got to hang out with the Nationals

It's not every day that we get a glimpse at the system called the D.C. Little League that is churning out dozens of young children to fuel the next Nationals youth movement in the 2020s. It appears that Dusty Baker and a number of Nationals players went out to inspire these children and reveal to them the deep secrets of the hard work ethic that makes every baseball player great. We have every confidence that the program is a positive influence for these children. Also, they look snazzy in those uniforms.

WATCH: Bryce Harper just hit a 451 foot home run in Nats Park...

Bryce Harper has hit some moonshots in his career, but each one is impressive. The latest was a 451 foot home run off LA Dodgers' righty Bud Norris that landed in the upper deck in right in Nationals Park. You just have to see it...

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Fu Manchu Espinosa bobblehead sighted!

They handed these out at the Potomac Nationals game today. Here's hoping Danny closes out the first half strong in memory of that epic beard!

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Danny Espinosa as Player of the Week talks to MLB Tonight

Danny hit five home runs in a week and became only the eighth National to win Player of the Week honors. Obviously it's great to see him relaxed, confident and excited about the challenge of performing at a high level for the Nationals.

Featured Fanshot

Too Many Nats (the sitcom)

This was created by a Nats fan on reddit who calls himself dungeonmasterlvl4. All credit goes to him or her. The Nationals on Reddit community has talent. There are some seriously funny bits both in the clips chosen, such as the Bathoarder stare, and in the character names, such as Trea Turner. It's worth a second or third watch :)


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