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Rendon makes a great dive to his left

Anthony Rendon is clearly more comfortable on defense than he has been in a while. He is putting together above average numbers in every aspect of the game this year so far. If he keeps this up he may well end up in the range of 4 to 5 WAR for the year. This is still less than his breakout 2014, but comfortably in line with our hopes and expectations.

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Nationals rumored to draft youngest ever player

Beau Dykstra is not expected to reach the big leagues before 2033. It is hard to tell exactly where he profiles to play defensively, but the Nats clearly want him for his big bat. If anyone out there has more intel on this prospect, please let us know. The real draft is underway, and the Nationals will be picking up plenty of players who will make a more immediate impact tonight. Fingers crossed, but in Rizzo we trust!

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Strasburg's 1,000th strikeout!

Strasburg is the 2nd fastest pitcher ever (of 488) to reach 1,000 strikeouts. Kerry Wood did it in 853 innings. Strasburg did it in 855.1 innings. The youngest player ever to reach 1,000 strikeouts was Amos Rusie in 1892 at the tender age of 21. Amos was pitching over 500 innings a season and as many as 67 games, so he hit the 1,000 mark in just his 4th season at around 1,500 innings. It was a different time. Stephen Strasburg is going places (but staying with the Nats for at least three more years!).

Nats' bench coach Chris Speier vs the Philly Phanatic

Washington Nationals' bench coach Chris Speier got the better of the Philly Phanatic last night, pranking the prankster and turning the tables on the "loveable" mascot...

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The Danger of Fly Balls

Last year, I suggested that Wilson Ramos might want to try hitting the ball in the air more. It turns out, there is a Washington National who appears to have made an effort to put the ball in the air more, but that is not Wilson Ramos...

Bryce Harper is a cheater (and funny) on late night TV

Bryce Harper played Catchphrase with Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show last night and inadvertently dropped perhaps the funniest line of the evening. He also cheated.

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Marlins' Dee Gordon tests positive for PEDs, out 80 games.

Mysterious forces of nature appear to be colluding to make it harder than ever for anybody to be a Marlins fan. The Marlins speedster's slow start to the season has now ground to a halt as he will begin serving a 80 game suspension for using illegal substances. We are still awaiting comment from Marlins hitting coach Barry Bonds. Luckily for Jeffrey Loria and the Marlins, Gordon will return later this year to start serving the remainder of his guaranteed five year $50M contract. Gordon will miss out on $1.6M of that bounty because of this suspension. This is probably not going to change the dynamics of the NL East, but Dee Gordon was the guy who beat out Bryce Harper for the NL batting crown .333 to .330 last year.

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Relive the pivotal moments from yesterday's epic walk-off win

Any one of these three moments is memorable by itself. Add them together and it's one for the ages!

How "Johnny Jonathan" Papelbon got his new nickname from Dan Kolko

The funny incident happened after the Washington Nationals' victory against the Miami Marlins, where the closer struck out Giancarlo Stanton for the final out.

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Harper HR ends up into bullpen bathroom

In yesterday's match against the Phillies, Bryce Harper crushes a home run that ended up in the restroom... Apparently, if Harper is going to hit, there is no waiting for the bathroom.

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Bam-Bam goes bam bam bam bam 100 times in 2 minutes

The sound of bat meeting ball is so sweet. I can't wait to hear it another 100 times in the coming years. Bam! Bam! Bam! Anyone want to hazard a guess as to how long it takes him to reach 200?

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Ian Desmond's second outfield error bounced off his head

This is what it looks like when an error-prone guy is learning to play the outfield on the fly. I don't think Desi had to deal with the warning track much when he played for the Nationals. Desi has two errors in ten games and has yet to wake up at the plate (4 for 42), but he's still starting every day in either left field or center field for the Rangers. Here's hoping his bat heats up soon and that he continues to amuse us and amaze us with his defense for years to come.

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How to drop a perfect bunt into left field

This may not be the most memorable play from yesterday's game, but this clip makes me laugh every time I watch it. I'm sure the umpire, Bob Davidson, was not intentionally trying to use his stomach to gently deflect Ramos' single into left field, but his body language when he realizes what he's done (especially that almost nonchalant leg kick) cracks me up. The more times you watch it, the more it looks intentional even thought it of course can't possibly be intentional.

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The Island Chronicles Talks the 2016 Harrisburg Senators Roster

In the fifth episode of The Island Chronicles, Terry Byrom (radio voice of the Harrisburg Senators) and Mick Reinhard (Mayflies and Big Flies) talk about the 2016 Senators roster.

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Bryce Harper says "Make Baseball Fun Again"

Yes, this is awesome. The famous baseball player known for inviting controversy wants to make it clear that he's there to enjoy baseball and to let fans enjoy baseball too. Harper wore this hat to the post-game conference of the Nats' first game knowing people would be paying attention. Make Baseball Fun Again!

Bryce Harper shares the secret to his home run power

MLB uses Bryce Harper to target children and sell them haircuts and so much more.

Nats' Bryce Harper = next silent film star...

We've already seen Bryce Harper taking ice from his ice pack to make the perfect drink and we've seen data point Bryce Harper doing his thing with the iced hair, now it's napping Bryce Harper in the Washington Nationals' clubhouse. He's the new silent film star.

Hall of Fame catcher Johnny Bench on Bryce Harper, bat flips and chin music...

Johnny Bench has previously talked positively about Washington Nationals' slugger Bryce Harper and his brash comments and opinions, but the Hall of Fame catcher was less positive when discussing Harper's talk of baseball being "tired" and needing more personality.

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New Harrisburg Senators Podcast: The Island Chronicles

Terry Byrom, the radio voice of the Harrisburg Senators, has launched a new podcast, The Island Chronicles, focused on the Nationals' AA affiliate. In his first episode, he talks with Mick Reinhard of Mayflies and Big Flies about team manager Matt LeCroy, the changes in system management philosophy due to the hiring of Dusty Baker, what minor league players get out of major league camp in spring training, and the keys to a successful minor league team.

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Espinosa baby on track to be called up in September

This will be Danny Espinosa's first kid as he joins the ranks of the many great dads who have played for the Washington Nationals. Hopefully Danny gets as healthy a baby bump to his performance as Desi did back in the day :) Congratulations to Danny & Sara!

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Nationals' 1B Clint Robinson talks Spring Training on The District

Nationals' first baseman Clint Robinson visited with our friends from The District, talking about working with Dusty Baker, his debut as a pitcher last season and more. Listen to the interview through the link below...uh, above actually.

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360° video of Bryce Harper batting practice

That is Max Scherzer on the mound facing Bryce Harper. How many people can you identify (or guess at)? This is a 360 degree camera, so be sure to look in all directions! The video quality isn't the highest ever, but it's really cool to be in there watching and listening from up close.

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Nationals' 3B Anthony Rendon and his homemade Taylor Swift shirt

Apparently Nationals' third baseman Anthony Rendon hearts Taylor Swift so much he made a homemade t-shirt to express his feelings to the world. We're impatiently waiting and following Taylor's twitter account to see if there is any response... Good luck, Anthony...

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Jeopardy uses Nationals' Blake Treinen as a clue

Easy slam dunk for Nats fans, I'm sure. How many people out there watching Jeopardy know who Treinen is, even if the second half of the clue may be enough to give a contestant a solid chance at a correct guess? Treinen is certainly unique in this regard. People (mostly Chapman) throw 100 mph fastballs all the time. (Spoiler! The answer is not "What is a fastball?") What is a _______?

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This exists. Nobody knows what spawned it.

It's not un-American to have divided baseball loyalties, but who would do this to a hat? The way this was done the Reds (who naturally get the white third of the hat) play second fiddle to the Nationals, which we're fine with, but for future reference, you should probably just buy one hat for each team and switch them out every day or two. Even wearing a jersey from one team mismatched with a cap from the other team would be better than a Frankenstein hat. Does anybody out there have theories on how this came to be?

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Nats' Victor Robles ranked 2nd among MLB prospects in raw tools

The Nationals have another five tool player in the pipeline and though he is only 18 years old, Victor Robles is an exciting player to watch. He spent last year destroying the lowest levels of competition and got scouts raving about his potential. 2016 will be a big year for him as he tries to show that he is the real deal. Though his strongest tools, as shown above, are his speed and arm, what really has people impressed is his mature approach at the plate. It may be a few years before his true power show up since he is still just a teenager not named Bryce Harper, but he does have some pop already. Here is Baseball America's writeup on him from last August. Baseball Prospectus recently ranked him as the the 29th top prospect in all of baseball. We'll keep you updated as his 2016 season unfolds.

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NY tabloid warns Cespedes in DC would be NAT-MARE for Mets!

I know many of us are not sold on Cespedes, and the longer these rumors go on the less likely anything is actually going down (plus the storm may delay any face to face negotiations). It's fun, though, to see a rival city freak out at the idea of the Nats signing one of "their" players.

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Is Trea Turner the fastest runner in MLB?

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Nationals' Bryce Harper talks to Rolling Stone...

Why did he dye his hair silver? What did his brother get him for Christmas? What does he listen to when he works out and how does he choose his walk-up music? Bryce Harper talks all that and more in this Rolling Stone interview...

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First Spring Training workout is in 40 days!

Pitchers and catchers start work on February 20th and everybody else has to be there by the 25th. Of course, in past years lots of Nationals have shown up early and we hope that this trend continues in 2016 so that we can get even more Spring Training news and see who is in the best shape of their lives and such. The countdown can begin in earnest now!

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Drew Storen thanks Nationals fans after trade to Blue Jays

Drew Storen was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays last night for outfielder Ben Revere and a PTBNL. This morning, the now-former Washington Nationals' reliever took to Twitter to thank fans in D.C. for their support "through thick & thin."

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Clint Robinson is ready to skip winter and start spring training now.

I'm with you, Clint. We all are. Does anyone here want to wait through another month without baseball? Three weeks? Where are the sunny Florida practice fields we're all dreaming of?


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